Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 10: Feelings and Music

On the tenth day of blogging, Emily from Blue Dog Belle, asked me: "What are the songs you listen to when you are (1) Happy, (2) Sad, (3) Bored, (4) Hyped, and (5) Mad?" I loved this prompt because I tend to relate my feelings to lyrics or songs in general. Actually (little known fact), I used to write songs when I was little with my friend Morgan (we called ourselves "Reality"), so they lyrics have always been more than just poignant words to me. So this was an easy and fun blog for me to write!

My Happy Song:
The Beatles "I want to hold your hand"
No matter my mood, this song always makes me smile. My dad loves "The Beatles," and this was one of my favorite songs to listen to with him when I was younger--even now (it also was the song that sold me on The Beatles). In a way this song would be the song that brings my dad to mind (who like the song can make me smile no matter my mood). I love the Glee version of this song, because I was really able to not only listen to, but to appreciate the lyrics. 

My Sad Song:
Billy Joel "Vienna"
I can't put my finger on why this is my sad song, but it gets me every time. I first heard this song when I saw 13 going on 30, ad at the time it seemed so profound. Actually to this day, the words seem so profound--but in a completely different way. I think the best emotion word that I have when I hear this song would be "wistful." 

My Bored Song:

Regina Spektor "The Call"
I first heard this song on a long bike ride this past summer. I think it's my bored song because when I don't know what to listen to, or when I'm studying, I'll search this song and listen to it, at times over and over. I love the words--and of course the beautiful orchestra music throughout the song.

My Hyped Song:
Pitbull: "Give Me Everything."
This song is one of my favorite songs to get ready to when I'm going out with  my girlfriends (I also love hearing it while I'm working out). And it's one of my favorites to hear when I'm out with certain singalong dance party type of girlfriends! When I was in wine country last year--this was on a mix that M and I listened to while going from vineyard to vineyard. My cousin C and I call this our going out song. 

My Mad Song:
The Temper Trap: "Sweet Disposition."
This song was really difficult for me, because I don't really get mad. I think 'hurt' would describe my mad. When I'm hurt, or upset, I usually go to the gym--and try to listen to certain songs over and over. The last time I was hurt (this past week), this song was on repeat while I was working out. Although there has to be some sort of irony in the fact that the artist performing my "mad" song is called "The Temper Trap"!

Fill me in, what are your go to songs for these emotions?
Thanks For Reading. oxo


  1. My best friend and I listen to Pitbull when we're getting ready to go out, too! It's so upbeat!

    P.S. Make sure you enter my giveaway for a Kayce Hughes dress!

  2. You are a doll! Great song choices too. I can't get enough of Pitbull! His songs are always FUN!!