Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 6: Superhero

Today is the sixth day of blogging in Emily's (from Blue Dog Belle) 31 day of blogging challenge. This post challenged me in that when I asked my mom "Who was my favorite superhero growing up?" She had to remind me that the only comic books I found acceptable were Betty and Veronica (Veronica was my favorite). Thankfully, because of baby-sitting coupled with the fact that I love movies, I do have a small amount of knowledge to answer the day six question: "Who is your favorite Superhero and Why..."

My favorite Superhero is a Super Heroine: Wonder Woman

-I like her because she is her own heroine--she doesn't play second fiddle to a hero (bat girl, spider woman, etc).
-I appreciate that she doesn't lead a double life (Lois Lane a la Superwoman, Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, etc.), and isn't an evil super heroine (From what I know, I think Elketra and Cat woman were trouble)
-She her outfit (gear?) is extremely patriotic...I mean who else can pull off high black boots and a leotard that well?
-I didn't realize this but she used to be an icon for feminists. I think it's great that someone created in 1941 was able to inspire girls and women alike that they can do anything... and they too can save the world!
-Great Hair...even though it looks sort of blue instead of black in the above picture. She is total inspiration when I do  my hair in hot rollers.

So, who is your favorite super hero or heroine and why?!
Thanks for reading!!!