Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 1- Fifteen Facts

The first post from Emily's  31 day challenge is to share:
"15 interesting facts about yourself and a recent picture of yourself."

I don't think law school lends itself to me becoming more of an interesting person, so don't blame yourself (or me)... if start snoring while reading some of these.

1) I drink all hot drinks (coffee, cocoa, tea) through a straw.  

2) I can tell a huge difference between diet coke and diet pepsi, and even can diet coke versus fountain diet coke. When it comes to diet coke, some might say I have a refined pallet.

3) I have all my "lifelines" picked out, for if I ever got on Who wants to be a millionaire?

4) Once in a blue moon I'll buy scratch tickets, but only the crossword puzzle kind, because they make me feel like I'm doing something mentally stimulating. 

5) I always have grandma candy (nips, caramels, etc.) in my purse.

6) I know all the words to Don McLean's "American Pie" because I used to sing it as a lullaby when I would babysit since it was such a long song.

7) I pick at my nails when I'm stressed. Since it's finals time, they're quite short.

8)I always order my drinks (soda, water) with no ice. 

9) I love traveling within the US, so I've made sure I get to take a fun trip every month from January until I graduate in May! 

10) I love reading. It's a total guilty pleasure. I'm also a speed reader (like Harry Potter cover-to-cover in 3 hours).

11) I've never been to Europe (gasp!), I'm hoping this coming summer  to go after the Bar Exam in July.

12) My favorite thing to sleep in is a well work sweatshirt from elementary school that says "Off To See The Wizard..." 

13) I can usually define different parts of my life by a song. If I could sing, and if life were like Glee, I would constantly  burst into impromptu songs.

14) I'm a surprisingly good matchmaker. However, my track record when it comes to my own relationships bleak.

15) I've been wearing Dolce & Gabanna's Light Blue since middle school. It's definitely my favorite, and go to, fragrance...It also gets the most compliment of any scent that I've ever worn.

And the recent picture from a week ago... pre sushi and cocktails with my friend EH.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. 
Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm loving your boots in that sushi picture! I wear Light Blue, too! I'm so obsessed with it and get tons of compliments on it. I am a total Diet Coke junkie, I can tell the difference between fountain, can, bottle, and I can for sure tell the difference between that at Diet Pepsi (yuck!)! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love all of these fun facts about you!! I love to travel and read (at speed), too! And yes, "Is Diet Pepsi ok?" No way! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. My nails look horrible when I'm stressed too! I peel them like no other! Not a good plan.