Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!

**I'm taking my younger (just finished first grade) cousin to the driving range tonight.  It's his first time 'golfing' and he is so excited!  I am too!!!

**My friend GH, who is this super amazing cyclist among other things (he was almost at a professional level prior to going to grad school), gave me a bike riding lesson last night.  I was really confused on gear shifting--and now I could pry go win the Tour de France--thanks to him!  (he also unsuccessfuly tried to teach me to 'pop a wheelie' at my request, on the bright side I learned how to take off my front tire).

**I got in a really good run this morning...I love running super early in my neighborhood--it is so peaceful--and fun hearing the birds chirping :)

**I organized my make-up bag and transitioned purses Monday night.  It makes getting ready for work, and getting out the door (not digging for my keys) so much easier.

**My nails are a super pretty pink color (which I found in one of the purses I cleaned out), and they haven't chipped yet.

**My friend LJ and I are going to see Bright Eyes on Saturday (!!!) I know this is so typical but First Day of My Life is my favorite song of theirs...with a close second being Easy/Lucky/Free and I couldn't forget Bowl of Oranges .

**Speaking of LJ--she and I are definitely going to the Grand Opening of Red Mango on Saturday as well (this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone).

**My friend EH shared 'Honey Badger' with me--and I can't stop watching it, or laughing hysterically.  (Only watch if cuss words don't bother you).

**Fill Me In...WHAT are you Loving on this Wednesday?!**

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  1. LOVING this post! I bet your cousin makes a cute little golfer! Isn't cycling fun?!?! And your no-chipping nail polish is making me jealous--I need to redo mine!