Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

I know I've talked about how I function best with a perfectly (meaning type-a) planned schedule.  This past weekend, I had nothing planned.  I knew I wanted to run, lay by the pool and relax.  I also knew I'd pry run a few errands--other than that, no plans.  I don't know why I don't do that more often, because I have to say, this weekend was stupendous.

Friday, Mom and I went out to lunch and did a bit of shopping.  We split the above salad at ingredient (spinach, fresh mozzarella, artichokes, kalmata olives, roasted potatoes, and grilled mushrooms)...and then stopped at Red Mango.  Friday Night, I ended up baby-sitting my cousin--we went out to dinner (panera), then saw Kung Fu Panda 2 (pretty cute, kinda funny, and a bit sad), and following that we got home and read 70 pages from a book (The Lightning Thief) we bought together one of the last times I watched him.

Saturday, I woke up and did my long run (8 miles) first thing.  I then made my to-do list and ran errands (optical place, pottery barn for some shower gifts, ann taylor, etc.). In the middle of those my friend ML decided to break up my errand running monotony and met up with me for coffee at Paradise.  It was good catching up with him--plus he finds my jokes slightly amusing (which is an admirable quality within itself).  From there, I ran a few more errands, laid out, and then cleaned up for that evening which involved some baseball.  Every year, the College World Series takes over Omaha--and this year is an especially important one as there is a brand new stadium.  I went with my friend RCM and had so much fun people watching, chatting, eating peanuts, and watching the game (Texas v. Florida).

Sunday, I slept in, but was still able to attend church with my Dad which was an extremely special memory for me.  Following that, I went on a run--which not only was difficult, but also gave me some pretty awesome tan lines--wuff.  Then I met up with GMH at whole foods.  He and I caught up on the past few weeks, among other things (the last time we hung out was when he gave me a bike riding lesson, LOL).  GMH is one of those people that I feel like I'm on the same wavelength on for most it's fun discussing things like politics, religion, etc. where it's like 'aha! someone gets it!!!'.  After that, I laid out for a tiny bit and then I was able to take my dad out for a father's day beer (blue moon for him, bud light for me)!  Nothing too exciting Sunday night--I was in bed by 7.30.  The best part about Father's day for me was just being able to spend time with my dad.  He really is the best.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. How fun to go out for a beer with your daddy...that's sweet.

    And 8 mile runs? Wow....impressive!