Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Favorites

I've been bad.  I've neglected my Friday Favorites.  Not because I don't have favorite things anymore...but because I don't have time (or cash flow) to try tons of new things...meaning I'm reverting to my old faves (security blanket). Thankfully I have a few new faves that I've been wanting to share with you!  I hope you enjoy and one (or more) becomes one of your favorites.

Whole Foods Frozen Fruit Bars:  Delicious, Healthy, and the Ideal Treat for a hot summer day or night.  I'm currently obsessed with the coconut flavor, although I've had (and loved) the strawberry as well.  Plus at less than 3 dollars a box, they're a bargain!

Urban Decay Naked Palette:  I picked this up at Sephora recently, and couldn't be happier.  12 different shades (matte and shimmer) that are all neutral.  Bliss.  Plus it's pretty foolproof--which, when it comes to make-up is a definite MUST for this girl.  Finally, I didn't realize this, but Sephora usually will sell out of this palette the day it comes in on shipment, so if you spot it--get it!!!

Back to Mac:  I love free stuff.  I also love being eco friendly, especially if there isn't a whole lot of effort involved.  Enter 'Back to Mac.'  Save 6 empty MAC containers (shadows, makeup wipes, lipgloss, lipstick, liner, etc) and bring them in to MAC and get a FREE Lipstick--I just picked up a "Pretty Pink" and my mom picked up a "Sweetie."

Starbucks Summer Drinks:  The past few Friday afternooons (with this Friday being no different), my mom and I have holed up at Starbucks for 'girl talk' and 'frappicinos.'  Specifically a: "Venti, Decaf, Coffee Light with a dome lid for surplus..."  When I mentioned this to some friends they raved about the "Mocha Coconut" or the "Double Chococlately Chip."  However you order yours--these summery drinks are a Winner in my book :)

Watermelon:  Hello random at the end of this post.  During the summer I eat so much more fruit that I do throughout the year.  Lately I've been eating pineapple, grapes, cantelope...and the holy grail of fruit: Watermelon.  It's almost to the point of embaressing to disclose the coupious amounts that I eat in one sitting. A tiny tip--watermelon cubes are quite yummy frozen (kinda like a popsicle or even fun as an 'ice cube.')  Do you have a favorite summery fruit?!

What have your favorites been this week (okay, or past couple weeks)!?!?
Thanks for reading.


  1. Yum to Summer Fruit! There's nothing better than a cool watermelon on a hot day.

  2. Mmm mocha coconut sounds so good! I didn't realize Starbucks had summer drinks! I always think of the fall/winter ones, but I am going to have to try some summer ones!!