Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brought To You By The Letter E...

Euphoria:  I'm beginning to train for a half again.  And by train, I mean follow a program and run this time (novel idea, I know).  At the end of each run...I have such a sense of euphoria (otherwise known as a Runner's High)--which comes from the endorphins (double e-words, I'm totally dorking out right now)!
Emotional:  Mom and I went to Starbucks (twice) yesterday, and (the first time) I started crying.  I have a lot going on right now and it hit me when I began to play the 'what if' game with my mom.  I definitely don't need the 'what ifs' but instead focus on the positive in my life and the peaceful feeling I have.

Exceptional:  I was cleaning out some CDs in my car the other day.  One was a high school graduation present from a teacher.  Written on the CD: "Emily is for Exceptional.  I can't wait to see all the incredible things you WILL accomplish."  I promise I'm not bragging, because I'm not that cool, but this was a nice reminder, that I can and will do something exceptional someday!

Ellie Goulding:  She sang this song for Prince William and Kate's first dance...nuff said.  (her other songs are pretty awesome as well--a lot more up tempo--something I'd pry use for a workout).

Hope your Tuesday is Extremely Effervescent, Elegant, and Enchanting!
Thanks for Reading!!!

Even Numbers:  I love (in kinda an obsessive manner) even numbers when it comes to food.  If I have grapes, almonds, m & m's, etc.--I have to make sure I have an even amount--If not, I toss the extra piece.  Another even number making me happy: 4 days in the work week this week (whoopie!).

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  1. How special to have found that CD and what a sweet thing for your teacher to have done!