Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

**Taking my little cousin to the driving range tonight...then out to dinner (our favorites--panera or whole foods...though we may venture to Ingredient tonight)**

**The Word "Crosspatch":  When used correctly it's quite the insult**

**Writing Letters...even better--recieving letters**

**Tennis the other night with TG--we ended up tying, even though I think he might have let me win the first game (luckily my groundstroke winners at the end made up for it)**

**As of yesterday my older brother and sister-in-law have been married for 3 years**

**My friend EH who texted me not once but twice to see if she could get to the office early with me--so I wouldn't have to do an insurmountable project alone**

**Finding a Gift Card in my purse this morning...then finding another in my car...**

**Getting my 4miles in this morning so post baby-sitting tonight I can go straight to bed**

**Getting Complimented (on my way into work) on my legs...that's seriously the first time that has EVER it MADE my day!!!**

What are you loving on this lovely Wednesday?!


  1. Finding a gift card in unexpected spaces is probably the nicest surprise ever. Not to mention two in one day is the ultimate holy grail.

  2. Oh goodness--finding giftcards!?! How exciting!