Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Friends for Life

One of my mom's closest friends from childhood (who she remained friends with up to the present) passed away due to a long battle with cancer 2 summers ago.  Capi owned a large ranch in Montana, barrel raced and did other rodeo professionally, and was always a true  friend to my mom with a heart of gold.  Growing up I always heard stories about mom's friends--but Capi was one who stuck out to me.  Maybe because her name was unique, maybe because of the sparkle in my mom's eyes when she talked about Capi, or maybe because friends for life seemed just perfect.

Recently an Uncle found this book at my Grandparent's house and gave it to my mom this past Saturday.

The title page--To Nanc...Love Capi
(God sure shows us how we're loved in mysterious ways...)

Each page had a different scene with corresponding (witty?) commentary on the actions of a friend.  It's a safe bet this was published in the 60s. :)

If you have an extra minute or two today...why don't you call that childhood friend of yours and tell them that you love them, that you're proud of who they've become, and that you're glad they were able to touch your life in some way, shape, or form.

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  1. This truly was such a lovely post! It really is nice to be reminded every once in a while how important friends and family really are. I'm so sorry to hear about your family friend, but it's good to hear that you've taken something positive out of all this.