Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  I don't know about you, but I feel as if this weekend flew by.  I'm sitting here writing wondering: what did I do this weekend, did I accomplish anything, and where in the world did the weekend go?!  Bright spot of this week...THREE DAY WEEKEND!

Friday:  My mom and I did our usual Friday afternoon Starbucks date.  On tap?  Just our usual (split) venti coffee light frapp.  From there I met Laurel for a quick walk/red mango sesh.  I honestly don't think she and I are ever at a loss for anything to talk about.  I'm not even kidding, the couple hours flew by--and afterward I was like 'oh wait I still need to tell you 'x,y,z...' Thankfully, she reiterated the sentiment.  Rachel met up with the two of us for Red Mango--so I could give her a Birthday Gift!!!! (and catch up with her too).  Thankfully the fun didn't stop there, I made a target run to get some bobby pins and walked out with quite a bit more.  Finally, our neighborhood did their firework display, and I'm not exaggerating when I say thousands of people come to watch it--it was incredible (even though it was super loud).

Saturday:  I got up and ran my 8 miles, and ran a bunch of errands.  **Side Note (eg where I hit rock bottom prior to noon)  My dad was going to costco to get gas and asked if I wanted to ride along.  I had changed out of my workout clothes back into pajamas (read really short 'PINK' shorts and a tank top), but since I was just riding, I figured NBD...oh no, once we pull into costco dad was like 'Em, you need to run in and get  this and that...' I lamented, but he told me I'd fit right in.  I was mortified, but now I think it's kinda funny...kinda**  From there I ran more errands, checked on and played with the animals that I'm pet sitting, and then met up with the girls I work with for dinner and drinks at M's Pub.  **Side Note (We kept it an early night so I called home on my way to check on the pets--and I told my dad who answered the phone my plan--his response:  Wow, it's 8.30...ummm, you sure you're headed home?  You know it's pretty early right?  My response--silent shame.**

Sunday:  Mainly just a family day.  I got some magazines and books read, spent a lot of time in the sun, and may or may not have enjoyed a few cocktails.

How was your weekend?!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm jealous that you're such a great runner - I've always tried, but usually give up after a while. haha. I like ellipticals better, but would love to be a runner! Hope you have a great week and get some fun three-day weekend plans! :)

  2. 8 Miles??? I am impressed! Also, jealous of your Starbucks date w/ your mom.