Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Cabo Incident

My dad has brought up the "Cabo Incident" on a regular basis over the past week--he still is aghast by it...and it was years ago.  My mom brings it up when she is trying to be funny, or annoy me. It all started on our first (family) vacay to Cabo.

I think we went to Cabo for the first time when I was in 5th or 6th grade.  At this time in my life I couldn't tell you the difference between Marc Jacobs and Manolo, Burberry and Mulberry or even what designer jeans were. 

This was the first trip that I actually did all my packing by myself because my parents trusted me, and because I wasn't exactly the epitome of fashion at that time (who am I kidding, I'm still not)...so they figured how much harm can little Em do?  I filled my suitcase (which I believe was an Extra Large Red Eddie Bauer Duffel Bag) with clothes, swimsuits, books, shoes and flip-flops. 

When we got checked into the place we were staying, David and I went to explore and my mom unpacked our suitcases in our respective rooms.  When we came back my parents both asked me to come into my room...where they had lined up my 14 pairs of shoes, and my 8 pairs of flip flops at the bottom of my bed.   

Both of them were completely flabbergasted--Little Emily in her scrunchee, acid wash cut offs, and Esprit t-shirt brought 22 pairs of 'footwear.'  I still stand by the fact that each pair of shoes went with a different outfit/look, and I think it's impressive. That my friends is the "Cabo Incident" in a nutshell... 

Here's to overpacking, fabulous footwear, and me being a little less of a fashion-victim than my 6th grade self!

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  1. haha that's hilarious and totally made me LOL a little at work. That is definitely something I would have done as a 6th/7th grader!