Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday :)  I hope you had the most wonderful weekend filled with beautiful weather, the people and things you love the most, and of course fun!!!

Friday --I went to the driving range and hit a jumbo bucket of balls (pry 125ish, give or take), I then grabbed a quick Starbucks with mom--who reminded me that I needed to run.  Thus a quick 4 mile run and then veggin out for the night.  My Friend RKW and I both watched via hulu "Cutting Edge 4: Fire and Ice."  RKW used to be a competitive figure skater--our texting commentary went like this:

me: So is it typical to have s*x in the training room the night before nationals?
RKW: oh, yeah, absolutely...all the time.
me: and team bonding (of 2 people) happens over strip poker?
RKW: LOL. I never should have quit figure skating.

RKW:  I think the actress had a botched collagen lip job. yikes.
me: speaking of the mouth area that actor needs veneers...wuff.
RKW: Oh you noticed the yellow, crooked teeth too...? weird

Following the movie RKW made sure to send me links to actual (talented/world renowned) figure skaters--just to make sure I realized that that was NOT what our movie portrayed.

Saturday--started with a long run which was followed by me going back to sleep for a good 3-4 hours. I then ran a bajillion errands, crossed a ton of stuff off my to-do list, cleaned my car, thought about napping, and then spent some time with my friend PCH!  We had a snack, caught up on life (and lifetime), and saw lots of teenage mom's at the an abnormally large amount.

Then it was out to celebrate ELC's engagement :)  I took a lot of pictures...but just thought I'd share a few with you.  

This is pry one of my favorites...**CHEERS**

Post Sushi--we spotted the happy couple!
Sunday--Went to Church (Pentecost Sunday) and then to the driving range.  Not even kidding--the wind was at my back so when I was warming up with my 9-iron--and my shots were flying...I was really excited about that.  Following the Range...LJ and I took a super long walk and caught up :)
Finally, I went home and went to our neighborhood picnic with my parents.  There were bounce houses (see pictures below for evidence), face painting, balloon animals, sno cones, catered food (yum)...Since I am 24, the only thing I was able to participate in without looking like a total weird--the food.  I ended my day with a run (terrible idea after eating so much good food)...and am now contemplating my "to-do" list for this coming week.
This only shows 3 of the 6 bounce houses (be still my heart)

How was your weekend?!

Thanks for Reading. xo

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  1. What a fun weekend! You have some adorable friends!!