Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Musings

*Happy Birthday to David who is 29 today.   More often than not people will recognize me as David's sister because of how much we look alike, I've even been asked if we're twins before (when I was younger I really thought this was the coolest thing ever).  I'm not here to ramble about how my big brother and I look alike, but rather some of his qualities that I wish to emulate.  David is one of the hardest working, successful, driven and intelligent people I know.  Normally the intelligence factor would make him anti-social, but instead he is gregarious, charismatic, and he can be really funny.  I think my favorite part about David is how he is extremely genuine to every person he encounters.  He inspires me to be a better, kinder, more genuine person every day...I couldn't ask for a better example.  I feel like I have the best-est big brother in the world.  Happy Birthday David.  I Love You.

*My Blackberry (my phone that is more like a vital appendage than an electronic) broke I mean died.  I was completely phone-less yesterday, which was a nice change of pace...and it will stay that way until late this afternoon/evening or even tomorrow--when I'm hoping to buy a phone off of Craigslist, and save a couple hundred dollars by doing so--then I'll be a texting/gmail-ing fiend again. 

*I start my 40 hour a week job (clerking) today!  I'm super excited...not only because it will be an incredible experience,  I'll be learning so much, and working in an area that I'm passionate about, and on a lighter note...I'm also more than a little schedule obsessed.   Sure, I've had a set schedule with school--but it was extremely flexible.  Now I have a set (daily) schedule--and I couldn't be happier!!!  Plus I'm kinda excited about wearing dress clothes (I'm sure this feeling will wear off by Thursday)! 

*One of my favorite things about the church I attend is the worship.  I love the songs, the meaning of the words, the music, and the worship leader--you can visit his website here :) (I did not realize he even had a website until about 5 minutes ago--oops).  Anyway, he (Tim) is releasing (another) CD this coming Friday... I thought I'd share with you what I get to enjoy on Sunday Mornings--I'm sorry it's a link--but watch it if you have a moment--it's pretty awesome:!

Happiest Monday and Thanks for Reading.


  1. Hope your first day of work goes great! That's exciting! Congrats on getting your year behind you and moving on into the summer! :)