Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brought To You By the Letter C...

David, Mom and Dad

Emily and Kathryn
Celebration:  We celebrated David's Birthday last night.  I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Birthdays are my FAVORITE HOLIDAY.  It was such a special memory going to Blue, eating a bunch of sushi and ice cream cake...and just spending time together!

Chuckles:  I was introduced to this Website yesterday...and I seriously think my friend Sarah (who introduced me to it) and I were close to crying because of some of the funny 'posts.'  Enjoy (warning--kinda inappropriate--but hysterical)...and don't blame me for the tears streaming down your face from the laughter: damn you autocorrect

Confuddled:  The high-school senior I tutor made up this word...or at least introduced me to it.  Our conversation went like this:  me: "All you do is graph the function after you solve the polynomial equation and then take the inverse..."  him: "I'm more confuddled than normal."  Apparently it is a mixture of confused and befuddled.  I like it.

Copious:  Laurel and I got Red Mango to celebrate being done with our first year of law school.  The picture above shows our Red Mango (mine has the rainbow sprinkles!!!)...I'd say copious is the nicest way to describe our amount of yogurt!

Caring:  I got a large amount of texts during finals asking how I was doing, how finals were going, giving well wishes, prayers, etc.  I can't tell you--if you texted, emailed, called, bbm'ed, commented on here how much that meant to me.  Those words were what got me through those two weeks.  Thank You.

I hope all of you have a Calm, Carefree and Classy Tuesday :)
Thanks for Reading.


  1. I have one more "C" for you: CUTE! You and your family are so cute.

    Glad to hear finals are over. Now I am sure you are waiting on pins and needles for scores, am I right?? xo, A

  2. YAY to finishing your first year of law school! It looks like your weekend was great!

  3. Confuddled is a great word! I have a feeling I'll be using it quite a bit, because I spend a lot of time being confuddled! :-)

  4. Confuddled is now added to my vocabulary, hehe! That yogurt also looks sooo good! Congrats on being done with your first year!!!