Thursday, May 5, 2011

At Least This List Doesn't Involve Studying!!!

This morning I got SO excited when I called my Dad (like he thought I was super weird because I was really excited) to tell him all the things I'm going to/want to do this weekend/this coming week--because finals are almost over (4.30 CST tomorrow I'll be DONE)... I thought I'd share some of my ideas with you (by ideas I  mean plans that are already set in stone in my type-a brain).   Feliz Cinco De Mayo Amigos!

*Biking (I'm finally buying a bike (730 on Saturday Morning)--and yes I will be wearing a helmet (I'm hoping to find one that has a color scheme involving pink, black, and sparkles)).

*Running outdoors without an 'ohmygosh I need to get back to studying' mindset--meaning longer paced runs.

*Driving Range (This could be potentially ugly, since I haven't touched my golf clubs since last fall).

*Tennis (Pry uglier than the driving's such a great outlet, and incredible workout, and it used to make me really happy).

**Disclaimer**--I realize all of these activities will give me completely different and unattractive tan lines...**

*Going to the library and getting a trashy romance novel to read (or going through my stack of magazines (self, shape, cosmo, etc., for the past 3ish months)).

*Cleaning my car on the inside (vacuum, armoral, windex, change out my winter mats)
*Washing my car (I don't like when my black car looks like grey-ish).

*My Doctor and Dentist Appointments that I've waited to schedule so not to interfere with school (and I'm kinda excited (which is super nerdy) but my dentist still lets me pick from the treasure chest, and my doctor is one very attractive guy).

*Farmer's Market ('nuff said).

*Having 2 (or 3) glasses of wine with dinner, instead of the pithy 1 that I've indulged about once a month during this semester.

*Spending time with (insert friend or family member's name here) that I've neglected over the past couple months.

*Getting my nails and toes done...I have accomplished this but because of stress I've picked my nail polish off--which I know is unladylike, bad for my nails, and just gross...but still

*Going to movies (there are a bajillion I've wanted to see--and I finally get to see them), although I don't know if any of them will top "Never Say Never: The Justin Bieber Story."

*Tutoring and Baby-Sitting (Pry cause I tutor and/or baby-sit the most awesome (and cutest) kids in the world)

*I want to get featherlocks, my older brother told me this would not be a professional choice for my clerkship--so I'll pry get them prior to a vacation or something this summer.

For those of you just finishing up school for the semester, or those of you with little people doing just that--what are your 'fun' plans...what else (meaning what actual fun things) should I add to my list?!


  1. Oh, your list sounds like so much fun! I've been compiling a list of things to do too! (list includes: smile and laugh more, picnics, boyfriend time since we're long distance, catching up on sleep, going to a Reds game). But, your list is AWESOME. I am a major fan of all the girly things (farmer's market and nail appointments, please!!!!). Enjoy your time off and good luck and CONGRATULATIONS on almost being done!!!

  2. This is so cute, Em...

    I just started a blog post tonight outlining my "to-do" list for the summer!! It's such a treat to imagine whatever we want to do once law school is over!! I don't think anyone else understands how grateful we are to have FREE time without the guilt!! :)

    Good luck tomorrow, love!! xoxo

  3. I went to law school for a year and a half in my 30's. It was so, so hard and unbelievably stressful (so I quit). I used to dream about doing normal stuff while I was in school - even grocery shopping seemed like a leisurely and fun activity.

    Have a wonderful time off. from school. You're going to be a busy girl doing all that fun stuff.