Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Faves

Hi Frinds,  I'm sorry I didn't post one of these last week.  To say I was a level above stressed would be an understatement (the final I took the the day before was 47 pages of Multiple Choice Questions (there were only 85 questions for that much reading) plus an Essay.  But today is my last final for my first year of law school...(and then I won't complain about finals until next December).   The past two weeks have been jam packed with studying, stressing, stress-eating, sleepless nights, and well...repeat that cycle daily.  I have had the chance to enjoy a few things over the past two weeks that I've been dying to share with you!  I hope you'll find them just a fabulous, fun, and favorite-worthy as I do!

1. GuEnergy Gel--Did I mention I ran a half-marathon last Sunday?  One of my favorite things to eat about 10 minutes before the race starts--or I'm I'm going on a long run--is GU Energy Gel--the coffee flavor.  It is quite delicious, and for an energy gel that is saying something, it actually does what it promises delivers long lasting energy without the side effects of chugging an energy drink (think sloshing in your stomach and making you burp while running--gross) or the side effects of totally carb loading (side ache!).  I buy mine at Peak Performance...but you can get yours here!!!

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2. My Rosary Ring --One of my Scooter's Customers gave me this Rosary Ring as a going away/please don't leave present on my last Saturday working.  In her sweet card she gave me a tribute card along with the rosary ring...I've used it as a tailsman (for lack of a better word) during my two weeeks of finals.  I think I've nervously played with it while studying before the test, and then superstitiously threw it on my necklace for each final.  There's just something so beautiful and special to me about having a reminder that it (being my finals in this instance) are in God's hands.

3. Too Faced Candlelight Eye Primer--I love getting mail.  Even better than just plain ol' snail mail is getting a package in the mail...and that's just what I got the other day.  My friends over at Too Faced sent me some Free Candlelight Eye Shadow Primer.  This goes absolutely perfect with the 'natural' (sans makeup) look that I've been rocking lately--it has golden undertones--which really brighten my eyes, and make my sheer shadow look pretty amazing and dare i say slightly sexy?!  You can buy this at Sephora (out at Village Pointe) or directly from Too Faced!!! I hope you love it as much as I do :)

4. Wishbone Salad Spritzers--Healthy eating may not always be my forte, but I love salads.  I also love salad dressing which usually ruins anything good about a salad, thanks to it's caloric, fat, and sodium value.  Luckily, I (and by I, I mean my mom) discovered these!  1 calorie per spray, the taste is phenomonal--without overpowering the entire salad, and they're inexpensive.  My favorite kind so far is the balsamic breeze--I've had the rasberry as well, but it's just too sweet for me.   Have you tried any of the other types?

5.  You Are Loved:  Those of you who know me, or are friends with me on facebook, twitter, or in real life may know that I have a slight crush on Josh Groban.  It all began when I used to watch Ally McBeal with my parents, and he would sing on the show...his voice: indescribable.  I know he's not the hottest person in the universe--but I think I'd like to marry him (cue laughter).  In all seriousness, this is one of my favorite songs of his--mainly because of the lyrics--they make everything seem okay...This is my song for all of you for this week--remember that You Are Loved!  (and if you have an "in" with Josh Groban...hook a sister up)!

Hope you all have the best weekend ahead.  I am so looking forward to doing nothing educational :) TGIF!!!


  1. Waaaaaait a second - did you just say Josh Groban isn't the hottest!?!? I think he's gorgeous in that goofy, musician way (plus, I love it when he wears his thick black glasses!) haha. He's one of my fave celeb crushes, obviously. :)

    Congrats on almost being done! Isn't it a comfort to know that this is all ultimately in God's hands? Praying about law school always puts things in perspective for me and gives me such peace.

    Enjoy relaxing!!!!

  2. Hmm...I may have to try that primer! I can't seem to find one that doesn't make my eyes water and burn. Happy Friday!

  3. The Candlelight Eye Primer looks pretty interesting ... I am going to have to hit up Sephora soon! Thanks for the heads up. :)