Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Faves

TGIF friends, readers, friendly readers...I'm so enjoying being on a set work schedule for the summer--it makes my Type-A personality so happy :D.  Even though I'm doing a 40 hr/work week, plus some tutoring on the side...I have had much more time to enjoy myself this week, actually just more time in general--so I hope this makes up for the last couple 'Friday' posts--that in my mind weren't quite up to snuff (and then the lack of one from the past Friday when blogger was down)...So hopefully with today's post you find a new fave :)  I have an exciting weekend ahead, and I hope you do too. Thanks for reading.

Biolage Hydratherapie Daily Leave-In Tonic:  I'm not too proud to admit my hair makes me want to pull out my hair...especially during the summer.  Between the glorious sunshine, biking, running, the pool, and then the sweat, dirt, chlorine, humidity, everything that comes with the season--my hair never fares well during the summer.  I was lamenting about this recently to a stylist who suggested using a leave in conditioner while doing these activities--it would protect my hair, give it some much needed moisture, and hopefully make it more manageable.  I ended up purchasing this product, and have used it over the past few weeks (usually prior to a long run/bike ride) when the sun is shining.  I have noticed my hair feeling less dry (although I'll give you a full update at the end of the summer), my hair smells amazing while I'm working out (#winning!) and the cost of this is so much less than the numerous deep conditioning treatments I'd need to repair my hair at the end of the summer.  What are your summer hair tricks?  Do you have a favorite leave-in conditioner?

TRESemme Fresh Start: I am forever grateful to KD and SV to letting me in on the little secret that is TRESemme Fresh Start.  This little bit of magic, (yes, I really believe there is Harry Potter type magic in the can), allows my hair to look fabulous not one, but two days after washing, straightening, and using product in my hair.  Not only that, but my hair looks clean and voluminous, smells delicious, has an amazing shine (and not that shiny oily look where you just want to say ‘oh honey’ and hand that person a baseball cap), and I get to sleep 10-20 extra minutes in the morning.   I got Fresh Start at my neighborhood Walgreens, but you can check it out here!

Emergen-C Super Orange:  Did any of you drink Tang as a kid?  When David and I were little we would go to Dad's office every once in a blue moon on a Saturday.  If we were good he would make us Tang!   Emergen-C recently sent me a ton of samples (which I've been loving...and sharing like crazy) and I have to say out of all the flavors, Super Orange is my favorite.  It tastes like tang, but is a much healthier but just as tasty alternative, the fun orange color, and fizzy--which is pretty awesome.  Here are some pretty sweet facts about Emergen-C: 1,000mg vitamin C per serving, 7 B vitamins--so no caffeine, just natural energy, and it is filled with electrolytes.  What's your favorite flavor of emergen-c?!

MyPanera Card:  I know I've mentioned my obsession propensity to go to Panera at least one time a week...but I don't think I've ever blogged about it.  I know I've tweeted about it :)  Basically a mypanera card is swiped every purchase, from a $1.74 coffee refill to a $6.59 you pick two.   And then based on your purchases you get rewards.  I currently have (saved up) a free pastry, a free speciality coffee drink, and $2 off a you pick two...and that doesn't even cover all the other awesome rewards that I've received.  Its free to sign up, plus when you register your card you get a free reward, and you get a surprise on your birthday (my friend TH got a free smoothie, I got a free specialty coffee, and my friend CH got a free you pick two).  Bottom line--if you're a panera lover, or a once in a blue moon panera patron--this card is a must have!

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel:  I first became aware of my eyebrows when I saw Lauren Bush's fabulous natural eyebrows...yesterday one of my friends mentioned how she adores Kate Middleton's brows.   Unfortunately having natural, albeit groomed brows without a professional makeup artist to help me take care of them, can sometime be a little out of control.  So when I was lamenting about my brows to a friend, who works at Sephora, she suggested I try this.  It's saved my brows, my morning routine, and made me look a little less Groucho and a little more Glamazon.  If you're going for the Kate Middleton brow look--this is a must have.

Do you have any favorites from this past week?!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. TGIF friends :)


  1. I love Biolage shampoo, so I might have to try that spray!

  2. Emergen-C=aweeesome! I like the raspberry kind, but I dig the orange a lot too! I usually get the big package with both of those two in it.

  3. I'm a big fan of Tresemme fresh start as well. I remember a few years back when Bumble & Bumble was the only company that made dry shampoo and it was expensive! Now Tresemme has really made my life a little easier at a fraction of the cost. Love it!