Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!  Everytime I say "Happy Monday" (usually every Monday) I feel as if it is such a conundrum...because what is so happy about a Monday?  Luckily, I'm really looking forward to the week ahead!  Along with working, I have some tutoring lined up, a few fun evenings planned, a trip or two to the driving range, and hopefully a lot of outdoor workouts!!! 

*Remember how I was lamenting last Monday about not having a phone!?  Thanks to a similar lament on facebook, a classmate (DD) of mine gave me his old blackberry that is in perfect condition.  So now I have a phone, and I also didn't have to go spend an arm and a leg on a new phone.  I feel so undeserving, but blessed by DD's selflessness and friendship. 

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 *Speaking of always makes me wonder/really annoys me when people blatantly misspell certain words--if that also annoys you--or just makes you laugh, you have to read this: Funny Misspellings on Facebook.  I read this with a couple friends, and we were laughing so hard we had tears (it's mostly the responses to the misspellings that are hysterical)!!!

 *Okay I'm gonna dork out for a hot minute.  One of the attorneys in the office where I clerk is also a Harry Potter Fan (she goes on the Harry Potter Fan Trips, she's been on two and is going on anther one this summer)--Friday she gave me all of the British Edition Harry Potter Books to read this summer.  I don't think they'll be too different, but I want to read them prior to July 15th when the final Harry Potter Movie comes out!

*I've been catching up on a few tv shows (total guilty pleasures) that I wasn't able to watch, much less enjoy because of school.  My favorites: Glee, Gossip Girl (I drool over the clothes), Grey's Anatomy (I drool over some of the hot docs), Modern Family and The Biggest Loser.  What are your tv guilty pleasures?!

Hope you all have the best Monday possible! Thanks for Reading.

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  1. Oh goodness-- I just spent a few minutes on that Facebook link and died! Thanks for sharing..I'm going to send it to some people!