Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mr. Wrong...Issue #15

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I am a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage.  I've always believed that once I'm married--it's for life. (eg. Mr. Right won't be getting rid of me)!  I've talked about this belief with a good amount of my guy friends--and their sentiments of fidelity and the sanctity of marriage echo mine.  Not gonna lie--I was surprised but impressed that some of them felt so strongly--especially after seeing some of their dating paths of destruction.   Anyway, I digress.  Something that happened to me on a regular basis while working at the coffee shop was getting asked on dates... Here is one of my "favorites":
To set the scene a male coffee drinker pulls up to the window, left arm on the side of his car--he is clearly wearing a wedding ring.

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Him:  I'd like to order a smoothie--it's for my wife--she liked the one you made last weekend when we came in together.
Me:  Ummm, I remember the two of you coming in--but you were in a different car--you'll have to jog my memory on the flavor.
Him: I don't know--yeah we were in a different car--good memory.  My wife gets the big one and lots of whip cream...I don't know the flavor...Do you remember her at all--she's pretty fat (yes he said that).
Me:  I'll just start naming flavors, and we'll go from there--((I name about 5 flavors) and thankfully one was her flavor)).  I quickly make the smoothie--and then ring him up.
Him:  Thanks so much--you're so nice.  Do you have a boyfriend?
Me:  Thanks for the compliment... (I avoided that question, just like I avoid answering questions about my age and weight, ha ha).
Him:  Well I was thinking that I could take you on a date're quite pretty.
Me:  No thanks, have a good day...I hope your WIFE enjoys her smoothie.
Him:  Well, we don't have to go on dates--how about you give me your number and we could be text buddies and then maybe start dating.
Me:  I don't give my number out...and I don't think your wife would appreciate that.
Him: (Winks)  She wouldn't have to know...I'll come back next week (Another wink) and drives off.

I would love to say that that was a very atypical happening, but it wasn't.   On the bright side it was an amusing story...but it made me really sad for his wife, especially when she would come in following this. 

Still looking for my Mr. Right....


  1. Text buddies?!?! Who even says that??? Gross!

    I have had a few similar encounters w/ married men. It's so sick!

    Thanks for your sweet comment today. whenever I write about more serious things I always get worried about reaction, so I appreciate what you wrote a lot!

  2. Good grief! That is utterly disgusting. What a total pig. Poor you and poor wife.

  3. Oh my gosh; my jaw actually dropped on that one. How on earth could a man actually justify saying that!? I feel awful that his wife has to put up with him - I bet someone like that would be a bear to be married to, especially if he's out flirting. I'm glad that you were so good about letting him know your boundaries - good girl! :)