Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Musings

How was everyone's weekend?  Hopefully filled with sunshine, relaxation, and fun.  Mine encompassed way too much studying (my brain hurts), stressing, and running a half-marathon!  I have three finals this week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and then I'm DONE with my first year of law school!!!  Here are a few things on my mind this Monday Morning :)

* I feel so proud and lucky to be an American today.  To have the armed services fight and sometimes die for me, for you, for our freedom, for our country without even knowing me personally.  That sacerfice is insurmountable.  Listening to the news--and the breakdown of last night's mission gives me chills.  I've said more than a prayer of thanks for the Navy SEALS and CIA who killed Bin Laden.  God Bless America.

*I ran a half-marathon yesterday with Kathryn (my sister-in-law).  She kicked butt.  Not only was she super motivational for me, but also really positive, and stayed with me the entire time.  I on the other hand really struggled.  I figured having run this distance before it would be no big deal--so I didn't train like I should have, my eating has been awful lately (I'm blaming finals), and finals have made me crazy.  I can't wait to do the Lincoln Half again...there were tons of spectators cheering the entire way--I don't think we went 15feet without seeing cheering spectators, the course was very flat, running into Memorial Stadium (the finish line was on the 50 yard line) to the song the Huskers come out to (sirius) was surreal...and, I didn't perform like I had hoped--I finished and didn't die...but I'd like to do a lot better next time!!!   One of my favorite parts was our cheering section waiting for us at the end of the race: Tricia (Kathryn's sister and one of my bffs) and David (my brother and Kathryn's husband)!!!

*Have I mentioned that I kinda looooove Adele's Music!?  This song was recently suggested to me...and I have had it on repeat!!!  She is so talented...and the words to this song are beautiful!


  1. Hey lady!

    Good luck on all your exams this week! I'm sure you'll do great! And, congrats on your run; that's such an accomplishment! And, of allll Adele's songs, Set Fire to the Rain is my motivational song. Isn't it so good?! It's the whole reason I bought her CD.

    Have a great week!

  2. Good luck on exams! I am a lawyer in NC. Congrats on your race - that is amazing!!