Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I think everyone can remember their first...second...third...millionth crush. I can. I think if I wrote ever single one out that would be funny (like cute guy with brown hair at the gym who always wears under armor and has the same heart rate monitor as me). I think it's even more surprising that at 25 I still get crushes--some have the shelf life of Britney Spears' first marriage, some last a bit longer...and some, well I'm just hoping they'll end soon. Sigh.

Funny story about crushes:  Christmas Eve (so just a couple days ago) I was at work at Ann Taylor, helping a nice man buy a few (fabulous) outfits for his wife.  While I was ringing him up I recognized his last name and asked him if he by chance knew or was related to a boy named "Alex" to which he replied with a simple "Yes." I took that as an invitation to keep going...and I may have gushed about how I used to have the hugest crush on this boy (Alex) in 6th grade...he was my Cotillion Dance partner (we would always get in trouble for laughing during class or miscounting the waltz step), and he was so cute, etc.  The sweet man (grinning ear to ear by this time) informed me Alex was his son, and he was home for Christmas, and he couldn't wait to tell this story at their Christmas dinner. It's been a long time since I've blushed that bad...or been at a complete loss for words.

I may have been a little "Crushed" (Get it!? hahhahahah)--I don't think I'll ever live this down (my manager witnessed the whole thing)--but it made me laugh, and hopefully makes you laugh (or at least your hump day a little more amusing).

Thanks For Reading!!!


  1. What a sweet story--thanks for sharing Emily!! What a small world it is!

  2. Haha I would have been slightly mortified. But I bet his dad just loved it!

  3. Haha! That's awesome! That would totally be something that would happen to me! And you talking about writing them out made me think of a friend of mine who saves guys in her phone that way "cute guy- black eyed peas concert" or "hottie from the gym." hahaha! Awesome.

  4. You truly have THE funniest stories! Have a great New Year!

  5. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Love this story!! What I would have loved even that Alex drove to Ann Taylor to see you. I guess that is too movie like, and would be creepy in real life, huh...