Friday, December 9, 2011

TGIF and a fun game

T.G.I.F Friends.... And Since you asked: Finals End Next Wednesday For Me.

The "Ambulance Chasers": Our Law School Running/Cycling Club (which I'm somehow the President of) held our First Annual Christmas Lights Run Last Thursday...It Was SO COLD, but so much fun!!!

Since you asked I'm 40% done with my finals (I took my Professional Responsibility and Law of Armed Conflict Exams this past week) I have a Final on Monday (Secured Transactions), a Final on Wednesday (Evidence), and a take home Final I've started to work on (Trusts and Estates). Don't be fooled by the word take home, I'm definitely pulling my hair out with that one ;)

When I sub, I play a game where I put random trivia on the board, and have the students guess the answer...if they're correct, they get candy (jolly ranchers). The game ensures they think I'm a super fun teacher (I'm not), it also ensures that they'll stay on task because I'll tell them the answer about half way through the period, and then they all focus in hopes that they'll get some of the winners candy, or that I'm nice and will give them all candy.
  The sixth graders today ROCKED my let's play: Are You Smarter Than A Sixth Grader?! (oh, and they couldn't use any outside NO googling (said in my teacher voice of course))

(a) The Person Who Invented Popsicles Was ______ Years Old
(b) The Persians Used To Use This Animal (way back in the day) As A Shield:
(c)This Video Has The MOST Likes and Dislikes On Youtube
(d) "Scooby Doo Where Are You?" was originally named:
(e) Any and All Apple Products Don't Have This Feature? (Bonus: Why?)

(a) 11 years-old
(b) A Cat. Me-ow...(get it!??! Me-'OW')
(c) "Baby" by Justin Bieber
(d) The Mysteries Five
(e) An on/off switch, Because Steve Jobs was afraid of death

How many did you get right friends!? Any big weekend plans?! Keep Those Prayers Coming For My Finals  (I'm praying for a lot of you going through finals as well)!!!


  1. Wow. I got NONE of those questions right! I love the name of your running club - that is such a great name! Good luck with all those finals. You're in the home stretch!

  2. I'm praying for you! Good luck. I'm especially thinking of you for your trusts exam. Trusts is an awful subject, I think. My law school is only halfway semesterised, so I only had a final in Revenue Law (as well as a bunch of essays for other subjects). Our exams in May count for the whole year which sucks. Anyway, I feel your pain - good luck!!!

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