Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Oh hey there hump good to see you again. While you're reading  this (if it's between 8am-11.30am CST) I'll be taking my Professional Responsibility Final, which is my FIRST (of five) Final of my 2L Year. Meaning that I'm officially 20% done with finals at 11.30. Boom.

Today I'm Loving:

*Oh the fact that I found out I passed the MPRE yesterday (!!!)

*I finally was able to say "yes" to a 'sub call' and get to substitute for middle school language arts on Friday (soooo excited)

*Found This Gem On Pinterest Last Night. Could You Imagine?!

*I'm taking a belly dancing class at lululemon on Thursday night with some friends for a "study break", I'm sure if nothing else, it'll prove to be entertaining.

*Oh, I kinda have a mini crush right now, and that's all it is...but it's fun getting tounge-twisted, even more awkward than usual, and some butterflies.

*And Just Because It's Christmas Music Season (Duh!) I'm Loving these tunes:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Eve in Sarajevo"

Morman Tabernacle Choir & The King's Singers "Oh Holy Night"

Mariah Carey/Bieber "All I want For Christmas Is You"

Happy Wednesday Friends...And Fill Me In, What Are You Loving Today!?


  1. LOVE the Jbieb version! good luck on finals!

  2. I had not seen the jbieber version. I love that song.

    Love the crush.

  3. YAY for passing your MPRE and belly dancing and most of all for your crush :) so much fun! I love it!

    Also I hope your final went well! I have my first tomorrow (then I'm 1/2 way done.. ha I don't envy your 5). GOOD LUCK WITH THE REST!

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