Friday, December 23, 2011


Happy Friday!!! I hope most, if not all of you are going to enjoy a very long (4 day) weekend...

So far this week I've worked at my law job...and my retail started house/pet sitting. I really wish money grew on trees (Santa, if you're reading this I would like a money tree...Please)

Since Monday, I've been obsessively checking my grades online (does anyone else do this or is just me being weird?). I have 2 of my 6 classes I suppose I'll just keep checking every hour, on the hour, to see if any of my other grades were posted.

I signed up for a half marathon (this will be my third...which doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm super proud that I have two under my belt) :) yay! I've run it before, and it is super flat (!), there are so many fans (!!), and so many of my friends have signed up to do this as their first half marathon ever...and I'm so excited for them (!!!). RKW and I are going to do our long runs together on Sunday you guessed it, Christmas morning we're starting that 'habit' and going on a super long (okay like 5-6 mile) run!!!

Tonight, we have our immediate (Mom, Dad, David, Kathryn, and yours truly) family Christmas, and I'm really excited. I don't like the Holidays very much--but I really love the celebration aspect, the religious aspect (see yesterday's post if you're curious about that aspect), giving presents, and spending time with those I love the most...

Merry Christmas Friends :) Sorry for the Random Post, I'm literally falling asleep as I'm writing this... What are you doing on your long weekend? How was your week?

Thanks For Reading!!!


  1. Sounds like you've got a great weekend ahead of you. Enjoy your family celebration and may Santa bring you that well deserved money tree! Happy Christmas Eves' eve!

  2. Merry Christmas! I will be rooting for you as you receive your grades. Enjoy your break!