Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday...If Nothing Else, We're One Day Closer To Friday :)

I spent some time (6hrs) at Panera on Friday working on Evidence (highlighting, tabbing, adding notes).

I did give myself a hot second of retail therapy (Anthropology) and pick up some Alexa Pulitzer Monogrammed Stationary, and I'm thinking absolutely have to stock up considering it's classic, monogrammed, oh and it's on sale for $4.95!!!

I woke up early early on Saturday morning so I could have a full day of studying. The frost on the trees in our backyard was breathtaking
(I took the first picture around 7am, and the others about 9am)

Saturday Day involved Secured Transactions, which may have included making a tabbed and color coded Table of Contents for my outline.
(On a super rando note, while I was studying I put This Argan Oil Restorative Masque In My Hair...It Made My Hair So Soft and Shiny!)

Saturday Night Was Lots More Fun :)
I baby-sat my cousin.
We went and saw a live Nativity scene...

Ate Some Five Guys Burgers and Fries :)

And when he asked me a very hard question about Santa, I told him
"I believe...

...And Shouldn't We Practice Our Cookie Making Skills...?
...So they would be Perfect for Santa on Christmas Eve!!!"

Sunday involved LOTS of the Uniform Commercial Code for my Secured Transaction Final this morning.

As a study break, I washed my car...and I had an experience, the rinse only spit out SOAP, so I went to a different stall (mentally cussing)...ready to pay to wash my car again. I get out of my car, locking the doors (leaving my phone, purse, etc. in my car), and there is a man in the back of the stall waiting for me smoking a cigarette.  I'm sure my face was more priceless that the 'Ohmygoodness' that came out of my mouth. Thankfully, this man (Matt) was the manger and (logically) assumed when I drove a soapy car into a different stall...I had a problem. He saved the day, gave me a free wash to get rid of the soap, and kept apologizing for scaring me. He introduced me to his bff the owner (Tony) who also apologized for the broken wash, and for me being scared...and then Tony gave me a really generous gift card so I can come back :) (They definitely got a customer for life the way they handled the situation).

This may or may not have happened too...hello major finals coping mechanism otherwise known as retail therapy (do you see a pattern here?!)...but only because I had a $20 coupon off a $50 or more purchase, and on top of that I had some gift cards to it's like I basically got paid to shop at Sephora.

Fill me in reader friends and friendly was your weekend?!

Oh...and I'm 9 followers away from doing my first if you don't follow me already, you definitely should :)


  1. Emily - on my goodness, 5 finals! And here I thought I was stressed out with 4! Good luck with them, and thanks for following, looking forward to reading your blog too!

  2. Oh my, I love your Sephora loot! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you in your finals hell. Good idea with the color coding and tabbing - I have a feeling we'll need to discuss study tips for this whole law thing. :)

  3. Thanks so much for your sweet comment - it made me smile this morning!

    Good luck with finishing up finals. It was a great feeling of relief this afternoon when I walked out of school! Now I'm laying around recuperating and watching Drive Me Crazy on Netflix...helloooo Christmas break.

    Love your pictures of the snow/frost! It actually looks like Christmas there. And keep us updated on those Sephora goodies - I've been thinking about trying out that Benefit highlighter.

    Good luck studying, you're almost done!!! Then a much deserved break!

  4. I need to do something with my's fly-away crazy.

    Love that you are making cookies.

    I've got a giveaway this week so I don't know if you have any young children in your life at all, but it's with collegiate mascot books. Any nieces, nephews? I've got Baby Diva on video this week. She has such a mind of her own.

    Your photos are gorgeous.

  5. Good luck with finals--I know you'll do wonderfully! Haha you crack me up--the retail therapy I do during exams is ridiculous, too! I'm hoping my parents' credit card bill doesn't come until after Christmas....Have a wonderful night!

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