Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Por Que

Why Haven't I Posted This Week:

*I've felt super blah and just kinda sick lately--my tummy hurts, my head hurts, my brain hurts.

*Weird Al has a twitter and has more followers than me...I was flabbergasted by that too.

*I just turned in a draft of a brief that is 80% of a grade in one of our classes...that I worked hard on...and now I have to work even harder on it...and I'm not sure what to fix...aaaggghhhh

*I'm craving really unhealthy food. It's super gross. And my unanswered cravings are making me feel like a chunk.

*I'm tired. I'll go to bed at a good time--and then just lay there til about 3 or 4.

*I have some pictures to upload from this weekend that I wanted to include in my post(s), so I need to do that--and picasa them--and facebook them.  It's Never Simple with me.

*I haven't been inspired.  I swear I wrote about 4 blogs that were just 'so-so' or 'blah' on Sunday and Monday...so I deleted them.

*Prince William is Getting Married...and it's not to me (yes I went through denial, now I'm on a very sad acceptance).

I do have a Mr. Wrong up my sleeve for tomorrow.

Thanks For Reading


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  1. Stay with it. You have a good thing going here. I enjoy reading it and wonder if I will ever recognize a Mr. Wrong entry...HA!