Monday, March 21, 2011


I went on a detox last week:  Sunday Night until late morning Thursday.  The purpose was to kick a cold (which it did) and feel more like myself (less like a law school zombie)--which it did.  I drank lots of hot tea, water, gatorade (g2) to get electrolytes, and apple juice to get calories.  I coupled that with Psyllium Powder from Whole Foods (the lemon flavor). 

Sometimes it's nice to get a 'clean slate', a 'second chance', or a 'fresh start.'  And that's what I got last week physically.  However, it can be difficult to give that to others--our friends, the people we love, even at times ourselves...It can be scary to allow someone to hurt you again, terrifying to open your heart again, and petrifying to set yourself up to fail again.  But maybe that's why a second chance is so great--it doesn't have to play out like the first time. 

Have you ever detoxed? 
Are you good at giving people second chances?


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