Sunday, March 13, 2011

Five Faves--Break Week

This past week we're (law students) on spring break. Aside from outlining, studying, working, and catching up on sleep--I've had a bit of fun--and wanted to share a few of my current favorites with you!

1. The Grey Plume:  I first went here for lunch with Morgan when she was in town from CA.  I had a bison burger and roasted fingerling potatoes, Morgie had the pulled pork pizette.  At the recommendation of Alex (the restaurant manager) we split a bottle of: Paolo Scavino: Dolcetto d'Alba (2009).  Then, this past week Andrew and I went there for dinner to celebrate his birthday (he said I could choose the restaurant--and about after 97minutes, I made a decision).  I had the Chicken Roulade, Andrew had the MajinolWagyu Beef feat. New York Strip.  Alex recommended an organic red (no headache) Willakenzie Estate: Pinot Meuiner (2008).  The food is a level above delicious, it is known as the "greenest" restaurant in America, the owner/chef: Clayton was a year older than me at WHS--and is a really nice and very talented person.  This is a MUST TRY--if you're watching your wallet definitely go for lunch, or if you do dinner--get wine by the glass or water :) Also, ask for Alex--he is simply wonderful!  You can look at their daily menu, wine menu and website right here!
2. Harajuku Lovers Sweat Pants: I am not a 'sweats' type of girl.  Every once in awhile, I'll wear my hardtail leggings, or patagonia running pants to school or to study--but they (for me) are pushing it... A few months ago I bought a pair of sweats at a local boutique (Roots and Wings)--they sat in my closet until a few days ago...and I've found it very difficult to take them off since.  Not only are the most comfortable pair of sweats that I've ever owned, but they're surprisingly flattering and super cute--they have the "sailor" type of buttons across the front--and a cute little saying down the leg (not on the bootay a la 'juicy' or 'pink').  So if you're like me, and need a 12-step program to get you into sweats, this brand would be a great first step.
3. Scentportable:  I found this gem at Bath and Body Works...I have the exact one in the link--my sister-in-law (Kathryn) who mentioned I might like it has the purple one, and I think her sister (Tricia) has a different color (green maybe?!).  I love how light the fragrance is, but how it is still noticeable in my the 'island margarita' scent I started with--reminds me of somewhere tropical, even with the Omaha weather isn't.
4. Camelbak:  It's not that I dislike plain water--it's just so...blah.  However thanks to this Fabulous Invention I've been drinking water (unflavored, no emergen c added, no crystal light added, etc) like it's my job.  Maybe it's the straw mechanism--oral fixation or something--or the spill proof bottle (my purse and backpack appreciate that) or just the awesomeness of the camelback bottle (yes, I know I'm late on the bandwagon)...Or the fact that the bottle was free at a research training at school.  Anyhow, I'm inspired to drink plain water--and I'm blaming the bottle for that!
5. KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray: I didn't go to the beach, or the pool, but with the smidgen of sun I got from running outdoors--and with this spray--I have that covetable beach hair look. (The cute kind, not the gross kind)...On dry hair--spray, scrunch, then thrown in a messy bun for a few minutes.  On wet hair, spray, scrunch, and then diffuse or just repeat the spray/scrunch process while it's drying--the texture is unbelievable.  I get this at Beauty Brands, but you can check it out right here :)

Thanks for Reading!!!


ps--what are your 'break'/'staycation' favorites?

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