Monday, March 7, 2011


I've been throwing some huge parties for myself lately.  Pity Parties.  Why? Maybe it's the weather, stress from law school, stress from myself, or just because I can.  Sometimes I can snap myself out of those "funks," for lack of a better word--but sometimes it takes a higher power to put someone in front of me to reinforce how good life really is.

I had a conversation with our locker room attendant at the gym yesterday (Sunday), I was putting on my makeup and she asked me about my workout, we conversed in English and once she realized I knew some Spanish, we conversed in that as well.

She was curious how long I'd belonged to HHC (20ish years I believe), if I was married (no), had kids (no), where I worked, etc. 

When It was my turn to ask Gloria questions--I learned she is from Paraguay, she was married back home, but now that she is in Omaha she is no longer married, she loves candy, and isn't able to have kids.

The last one got my attention.  Months ago, her doctor found a cyst on her ovaries, but she wasn't able to afford surgery in the United States because of the cost--so she found a doctor in Paraguay, which would be much affordable for her, with the added benefit of being around her family during her recovery.  The bad news,  Gloria has to work all the time now to afford her airfare, her surgery, her expenses here, and money for her family back home.  Even worse news--because Gloria has to wait for the surgery (she's going in July), her doctor here has found many more cysts have grown--making Gloria completely unable to have children, and also putting her health/safety in jeopardy.

If that doesn't give you perspective, I don't know what sure put me back (mentally and emotionally) where God wanted me.  So, if you're the praying type maybe say a prayer for Gloria--if you're not the praying type--maybe send some positive thoughts/vibes her way.

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