Friday, March 4, 2011

Five Faves

Happy Friday Everyone!  Spring has sprung...or at least the fact that it is March (where did February go?) makes it feel a little more spring-like.  Once of the reasons I love spring is because it is so soft, pretty and natural.  It's when trees begin to bloom, I can wear a fleece instead of a down jacket, and there are just so many fun things to do: taco ride, patio at La Buvette, sand volleyball/softball leagues start, tennis courts, mini golf, and I really like Easter.

Because spring is so soft, pretty and natural--and that is the type of look I try to do (natural and soft) with my makeup--I figured I would share my five favorite pieces of makeup!

1. Obagi Professional C-Serum (20%). You can buy this at Lovely Skin (either out west--right by oakview) or online.  It is expensive, but it lasts for months.  It neutralizes free radicals, stimulates collagen production, provides sun protection and remains in the skin for 72 hours. I use it right after I wash my face every morning.  I then go make my bed, my coffee (decaf), and get ready for the day--and then apply moisturizer--just so I gave the serum time to sink in.  My mom has used this longer than I have--and I can truly see a difference with her skin--hopefully mine will look as youthful and glowing as her skin does.

2. MAC Medium Tinted Moisturizer. I love using tinted moisturizer--it feels so much less heavy than foundation, blends into my skin much better, and the sun protection is also a bonus...It also shaves a few minutes off my morning routine (yep, I set my alarm for about 4 minutes later when I use this).  You can go get this at MAC (Dillards at Oakview) from my cousin Cat--or you can get it online.  Out of all the moisturizers I've tried, this is by far my favorite--and you get so much in the 'tube', plus it is gentle enough where there are no impending breakouts when I use it.

3. Benefit High Beam. If I were stranded on a desert island, this would be something that I would almost have to have (aside from water, food, shelter, my blackberry, and a yacht to get off the island).  This is possibly one of my mosts favorite products--it works with or without makeup...It's a fabulous highlighter--I use it on my cheekbones--and I'm not even kidding every time I use at I always get compliments on my skin.  You can get it at Sephora (Village Pointe) or online.

4. Benefit CORALista.  They describe this product as a tropical flush--and that's exactly what it is.  I always swore that I would never wear blush because it was so 'old lady' until I found--and fell in love with this!  It stays on the entire day, and looks phenomonal by itself, or layered with the high beam.  My favorite part is that it smells like roses--which is always such a fun treat! You can purchase this at Sephora (Village Pointe) or online.

5. Sheer Rose Mentha Lip Tint.  This is the yummiest Lip Gloss Ever.  Plus it has just the right amount of color--where it's clear you have something on, but nothing distracting or bright.  I'm not even kidding--the times I apply this, just because it tastes (and smells) so good--is ridiculous.  Plus it doesn't get sticky, or fade, or go on uneven--and the price is just right.  You can get it at Bath and Body Works or online.

What are your favorite types of makeup for a natural look?  Any spring favorites that I should have mentioned?

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