Friday, January 7, 2011


I love when people are genuinely interested law school--whether they're customers at scooters, family, friends, or friends of my parents... It feels so good to share my feelings of stress (final exam time), euphoria (a month long break), or right now suspense and anxiety (waiting for grades).

"How did you do this semester?" they'll ask say, "I'm not quite sure yet, but I worked very hard" is my typical response. "C'mon--your grades on your test--the one grade per class/per semester you told me did they turn out" they'll cajole. And that's when I have to let them in on a little known fact--our grades from our tests which ended December 17th, will be posted January 10th, at the earliest.

So, I am, like most or all of my 1L classmates, in limbo. Let me tell you, limbo is not a fun place to be. It causes dreams where you are asked to teach the class because you did so well, or nightmares where you are asked to leave because you got 0% on every exam... It is something that makes you second guess the upcoming interviews, upcoming semester, upcoming activities and honors, and even yourself. It's something I'll never want to revisit, but I hope I'll never forget--it is eye-opening, patience building, and something that has allowed me to assess my first semester as a 1L.

Here's to you all of you 1L's out there--a couple more days til our grades are posted! Here's to those in a different type of limbo--I get it--and I feel your pain. And here's to those former 1L's--I hope you haven't forgotten what 'limbo' feels like.

xo and Happy Friday

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  1. I'll never forget what "limbo" feels like!! Especially with many friends in med/dent school who got their grades immediately, 1L limbo feels TERRIBLE.

    Enjoy break... Delight in your last few days of freedom... And don't stress about your grades coming in!!

    xoxo Britt