Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mr. Wrong...Issue #4


I had a Church Crush recently. By recently I mean within the past year. My friends heard me gush all about this mystery man, and kept telling me to talk to him.

Yes. Me. At a complete loss for words.

I finally worked up the courage about 2 months later.

"Hi, (pause), I'm Emily...and I like your shoes." Knowing me I was pry one-thousand shades of red and all sorts of flustered while saying this.  Thankfully my Crush (we'll call him Otto), either felt bad for me, or didn't think I was a completely tragic case--introduced himself, and made some small talk.

Over the next month, I would become painfully shy during my limited interactions with Otto...then once I would leave church I would be kicking myself that I couldn't just ask him out.

So, I did....And, He Said Yes! but... He Never Called.  Talk about a self-esteem booster. I still went to church, and one day--when he was committing a fashion faux pas (maroon pants and cowboy boots)--I called him out with a big smile "Hey Otto, thanks so much for the call--I loved getting coffee with you last week."

He left early that day. He never leaves early.

I apologized eventually if I hurt his feelings by calling him out. He told me I did.

He forgot to apologize for hurting mine.


  1. Omgsh you are BRAVE, girl. Way to stick up for yourself tho... ALWAYS an important thing to do. Love you!!!

  2. It's okay though, let's go back to the important facts. Maroon pants with cowboy boots? ;)