Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mr. Wrong...Issue #2 (Blind Date)

During the summer, a friend of a friend set me up on a blind date with the 'sweetest, hard working, smart, handsome, etc.' boy in the world (retrospectively--if he was all those things and more, why would he still be single?)...

On the night of our date, I arrived a bit early so I could grab seats at the bar and (not even kidding) make a code word with the bartender if it got bad.  Gary (not his real name) arrived 12 minutes late with no excuse just an awkward 'uh sorry.' 

After exchanging pleasantries, Gary started the conversation mentioning the handbag (burberry) that I was carrying at the time: 'Nice bag...does that make you one of those girls...?' Luckily the bartender noticed my look of sheer terror or disgust and interrupted to take our orders. Instead of addressing his comment, I asked him about work which I figured would be a safe. I was wrong.

Gary worked at a certain Country Club (CC) in Omaha, and told me how much he hated every aspect of it--and not only did the job--but the people, in fact he hated any person who was a member of a CC. His diatribe was much more direct naming not only names that I recognized--but naming some of my friends--and ending it with a very pointed 'you don't belong to a CC, right?' To which I smiled sweetly and said 'of course I do Gary.'

Thinking it couldn't get worse Gary then attacked me as a person--WE HAD NEVER MET BEFORE--based on my purse, what I was wearing, and what little polite conversation we had made.  As I frantically signaled the bartender for our check--thinking that I had hit rock bottom on this date--Gary put the icing on the cake with his last statement: 'I hope you don't expect me to pay for you--I have 2 kids--and I pay their (2 different) moms child support--and you obviously can afford this.'

The most surprising part of this? The voicemail I got from Gary a few days following the date. 'I had a great time--when can we go on another date?'  Shockingly, I didn't call Gary back...

Have you even been on a blind date? Any BEST or WORST blind date stories? Do you think I should ever go on a blind date again or was this a big sign of not to?!


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