Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birchbox Brag

I know I've shared with you how much I love my Birchbox Subscription...and this month's box was no exception. The theme was "red carpet ready" and each and every item I received made me feel like I definitely could strut out on a red carpet. 
Beauty Protector: Protect & Detangle
I normally dislike leave-in conditioner, it makes my hair feel so heavy and gross. However this product is the exception to my rule...I put it in before bed the other night and I woke up with shiny, soft, and yummy-smelling hair. Plus my hair was extremely manageable the following day. (Double Bonus)
Juicy Couture Couture La La
Juicy Fragrance has yet to disappoint me. Although I probably won't purchase this product, it's a young, summery, fun, scent, and a nice change to my normal "light blue."
My Multi-Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer
Great sample. I've used this every morning this week instead of my normal moisturizer. I noticed at the end of my 14 or so hour days, my make up isn't oily, and stays on just a little better. The one downfall with this product was the scent...It smells like fresh baked pastries, sweet and greasy.
Secret Agent Beauty Kiss Kiss Rendezvous 
I have an abnormal amount of lipgloss in my purse. About 13 or so that are my 'go to' colors. (The first step is always admittance, right?) The Secret Agent Gloss, is phenomonal, and could bring my lipgloss addiction to the single digits. It's not sticky, it goes on smoothly, and stays on. Plus it makes my lips look like they have fillers (for the record, they don't).
Showstoppers Designer Fashion Tape
This moved from the box directly into my "danger" bag I keep in my purse (tide wipes, clear polish, visene, aleve, etc.) and I wish I would have bought them sooner. That annoying gap in my button down...fixed. I can't wait to use them this summer with some scoops and v-necks.
Ghiradelli Milk & Caramel Squares
Bliss. Obviously. 
So that's my Birchbox Brag for the month of February... What did you get in your Birchbox this month? Do you use any of the products I got?

Happy Thursday & Thanks for Reading!!!


  1. Love what you got, especially the moisturizer and leave-in conditioner.

    I got the perfume sample, as well. I bought the original Viva La Juicy after getting a sample of it in last year's February box, and I adore it. This new one is pretty similar, but still kinda fun. I got that lip gloss, too, but the jury's still out on that guy. (Just got my box on Wednesday.)

    I gave my boyfriend the chocolate square, since I'm not huge on the chocolate + caramel combo.

    I also received some hairspray, which I didn't think was a very fun thing to get, haha, and a twist-band headband, which is also kind of meh, though I did wear it to work yesterday. Note to self: Blair Waldorf, I am not.

  2. I looked into signing up -- not available in Canada! Outrage! Discrimination! sigh. I will live vicariously through you....