Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Flood. Kinda.

I came this close to a meltdown on Saturday Morning. I was in my new home, cleaning prior to closing (because I'm type a, and want everything to be sparkly and stuff before I move...and yes, I'll probably clean with the exact same routine once I move in, and prior to unpacking). 

I was wiping down the cabinets, cleaning the dishwasher, and jammin' to Pandora when I heard a rhythmic sound that was not part of the song. The washing machine (I was running a cycle without clothes) had flooded...that dripping noise--water coming through the ceiling to the main level (and into the garage). I turned off the water, started taking pictures, videos, and thought about crying. I didn't. Instead, I kept smiling, and learned where I hold my tension...lower neck and shoulders. 


Within minutes, I had called, texted, and emailed my real estate agent...called and texted my mother...called my dad (who thankfully picked up, and headed over to save the day)....and texted one of my best friends. Within a few hours, my frantic state had subsided and a plummer assessed the situation. It's not the pipes, or the washer, or the hose... Well it's kinda the hose... the hose that wasn't in the drain, but on the floor. So after putting the hose in the correct place, I should be able to wash clothes without wondering if I should build an ark. 

Once I got to thinking about everything logically, I'm so glad this happened prior to closing, and when so many people were available to help me...I'm also happy the carpet got a nice shampoo (kidding). I'm stressed about any damage to the carpets, ceilings, walls (which I should know more about by Monday). In all honesty, I need a massage to try and get some of the painful tension out of my neck and shoulders...however since I'm on a saving money kick, I'll probably paint my nails and grab a glass of vino...or two.

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  1. A flood -- ugh. I hope the rest of your weekend went better! xo