Monday, March 4, 2013

...In My Closet

I was the subject of a fashion intervention last Sunday.
It was our quarterly meeting at Ann, and I made the comment that Black, Navy, Gray, and an occasional white/cream are my colors. Aside from a general sense of shock and terror, I was then dressed and styled by a few friends I work with incorporating patterns and color. Really really bright colors. I demurred from purchasing anything at that point, but when I worked last night...I bought a few fun pieces:

 I'm kinda second guessing these pants, but at the same time, I'm kinda obsessed them. My mom's suggestion was a denim shirt on top. I was thinking a white v-neck and blazer.

Any suggestions on how to wear these without looking too puffy?
I also bought this...and I'm wearing it today. I love necklaces. This is no exception.

*I took this picture to send it to a couple girls I work with to prove that I'm wearing the necklace...and bright lipstick. Please disregard the ponytail and no face makeup aside from mascara*

I also bought a couple dresses (they're both black, although one is patterned). One, I just noticed Kate Hudson is wearing on the Spring 2012 Ann mailing... Clearly I wear it better. (ha) With all this being said, it's glaringly apparent why I never take home a paycheck from working at AT. 


  1. love the necklace with the bright lip and the hair pulled back really shows it off. BRAVO!

  2. Well, it least you get some clothes. :)

  3. haha. your outfits sound like mine. my sister always makes fun of me and says that i dress like a bruise. whateverrrr.

    those pants are kind of awesome. i would never be brave enough to try them, but you could surely rock them. i really like it with the pink in the picture! wear it with a pretty pink blouse!