Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Day

 Due to the large accumulation of snow, coupled with house/pet/kid sitting, along with my desire to stay off the roads... I'm working from "home" today, while Bella the snow bunny frolics outdoors.
I'm drinking Hot Cocoa out of a pretty mug instead of my normal black flavored coffee in a (boring) stainless steel tumbler that comes with me to work everyday. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast for myself and the kid I'm watching (but mostly for myself ;D)
I just emailed one project to an attorney, and am about to start on my second...and hopefully make a dent on a third by the end of my snow day. I'm wearing denim, flannel, and driving shoes, on a Monday.  I guess  this snow day thing isn't so bad.

Stay Warm Snow Bunnies!

1 comment:

  1. Snow day?! That's nuts. It has not snowed once in Seattle this year. Crazy.

    But cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast sound AMAZING! Yum!

    I hope the rest of your snow day is productive and wonderful xo