Thursday, March 14, 2013


The day to day functions of Social Media baffle me. I have a Twitter, which I rarely use.  I have a Pinterest which I love. I just got Instagram yesterday(follow me on either @Emme1022) to look at pictures of my perfect twin nephews, I (obviously) use blogger, and I use Facebook a lot less than I used to. 

This morning one of my girlfriends texted me regarding a recent conversation we had about a guy she's worked with on a couple projects. They communicate via email, in meetings, and the occasional work related text message. She asked whether she could add on Facebook him without being 'creepy.' (I'm assuming she texted me because I'm a huge enabler). 

My response was standard...she could only add him if she asked him to make-out when she added him...When she said no, I changed my conditions...she could only add him if she emailed him, texted him, and facebooked him simultaneously. Cause that wouldn't be weird at all. 

This got me to thinking as to why certain aspects of Social Media have become such a game, or require such an analytic thought process about pushing a button. My theory about social media is similar to my (slightly naive) theory on real life: you can never have too many friends. It shouldn't be a chess match or a cat and mouse game when adding or for that matter deleting someone. It shouldn't be thought of as weird or creepy to add someone you know (and have met more than once). In fact it shouldn't be a game at all, and it's too bad that's what it's turned into.

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  1. I totally just added you on IG. I'm sort of obsessed.

    And I have one Microsoft co-worker on my FB and I kind of don't like it. Like, what if I post something about work on there, does that make it awkward? I love my co-workers but should there be boundaries? Different social sites for different groups? I don't know....