Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ninja Stars

I read an article this weekend about a man who in a fit of road rage followed another driver into a parking lot... Told him something along the lines of "Prepare to Meet Your Doom..." and started throwing Ninja Stars. He has yet to be apprehended, which leads to the obvious conclusion that my city has a secret sect of Ninjas. Awesome.  (It also leads me to ponder the obvious faux pas of their sect...why am I not a secret Ninja)

In all honesty, I'm in the type of mood that would lend to making it rain throwing Ninja Stars this morning. When walking to work, all I could think about was how I hated the sweater I put on over my button down, and maybe I should have worn wedges instead of heels...the fact my coffee was decaf instead of  regular (not by choice)...the ridges in my hair from wearing a bun directly on the top of my head that my straightener wouldn't take out....and Pandora shuffle is just killing me... #firstworldproblems, I get it.  Plus, like we discussed above: I'm still not a Ninja. 

On the bright side:
1) I have the walk through on my house today.
2) I'm meeting a girlfriend for drinks tonight, at a place that has the best spinart dip.
3) My $1.99 Wet and Wild Nail Polish hasn't chipped since I painted my nails on Saturday.
4) I've worked out 3 days in a row this week (after a 2ish month hiatus that's good)
5) I saw Silver Linings this weekend, and am still giggling about some of the lines....and day dreaming about Bradley Cooper. 

Thanks for Reading...and keep an eye out for Ninjas!

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  1. Love your positives -- especially $1.99 nail polish and drinks. Hang in there, Ninja Girl! xo