Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday Night wasn't necessarily thrilling, but it was least in the retail world.

Since a storm was on the way I think everyone was at home or (as PCS told me via text: the grocery store was a zoo) stocking up at the store, we were super slow.  Clothing wise, I layered up to stay warm, on a side note, I am currently in love with this red-orange color...and cobalt blue.

We dressed mannequins, put out new artwork in the store, tried on clothes, and board folded shirts...

I also made some depressing (subject matter wise), but colorful and informative artwork for our back room.

Saturday was super lame. Mostly because it was a winter wonderland... I drove to the gym,(on a side note I was the only car aside from the City Snow Plows on the road) worked Out, then got some gas (second side note--I was the only SUV at the gas station without a plow attached to the front of my SUV)...Got to school and spent some quality time with my Jessup Friends (our competition is this coming weekend--positive thoughts my way Please).  I got home and took a 4 hour nap, got up and went to church with my parents, came home and ate some spicy chicken chili and went to bed by 7.30. Lame.

Sunday was spent studying at Panera with RKW (for like 7 hours).

If you'd like to see exactly what I was studying yesterday morning--you can read about that right here.  After our marathon study sesh--I watched Grey's from last week on Hulu...watched the first half of the super bowl, and went to bed by 8. 

How was your weekend?
Thanks For Reading. oxo


  1. I love the red/orange and white stripes you're wearing in the top picture! So cute.

    Also, you already know this, but I hate when school takes over your weekend. It did mine too. I hope you're having a good monday!

  2. I cannot believe this is a real picture of snow! It has been in the 50s every day here! If it was snowing here I would die haha!

  3. I'm so jealous and wish we would get some snow here in VA! I love your red stripes!

  4. Looove the outfit! And I love studying at Panera (for when I have to study, blah!) Praying for your week! <3

  5. Wanted to say hi. I haven't been in my dashboard in awhile. Hope you are well.