Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beautiful Words

Today's Challenge: Words.

I have this box in my closet filled with cards and letters from some of my closest friends, grandparents and my mom and dad. 

I pulled out two distinct piles--one from my friend from college EB (mini) and one from my childhood friend MBG....I spread the letters and cards on the floor, and I began to read.

What surprised me the most was the message both girls repeated over and over... "You are Beautiful...Inside AND Outside."

(Disclaimer: I have never and would never physically describe myself that way... In fact blogging about it makes me slightly uncomfortable because I don't want anyone to think I come across vain or anything like that.)

However, these words had a profound impact on me.  When I read their letters I started crying. I don't think those words really resonated with me in the past, (pry why each letter echoed the sentiment) but for some reason they did while I was reading the letters.

 Even if it was just for a minute, because of their words.
I felt beautiful.
And it was incredible.


  1. Loooove this idea! I may need to steal? ;) And yes, you are beautiful!! Hope your week is going well! Keep on keepin' on lovely lady! :)

  2. Your blog makes me smile.. You ARE beautiful and you should feel that way for more than just a minute!