Tuesday, February 7, 2012


"Dinutton...?" You muse. Cautiously wondering if that term describes  (1) an uncomfortable yoga pose; (2) some sort of foreplay; or (3) the new hip fashion trend where all shirts are worn unbuttoned.  Though, you, my blog reader are brighter, better looking and more awesome than all non-readers, none of those answers are correct. Sorry.

I made some partial words for this blog, but before I get to that...Sidebar (I just started laughing when I typed that, fyi).  For those of you who aren't familiar with the fun you can have with partial words--here are a few of my favorites: "Obvi" for "Obviously," "Shuttie" for "Shut Up...," "Hangsies" for "Hungover," and of course "Fave" for "Favorite."

Unfortunately I didn't get to use any of my day-to-day lingo that I could never use in a professional environment instead "Dinutton" was a combination of two words: Dinner and Button.  Day 6 and Day 7 from the #Febphotoaday Challenge.

Day 6: Dinner

Leftover Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup...So good! (My mom makes the best soup!!!)
(The veggies in the soup are veggies my Gram cans throughout the year)
I had one cup of broth, because I was so so so COLD...and then a cup of soup full of veggies!
Day 7: Button

Not to be super original or anything...but my pea coat buttons weren't exciting enough to warrant a picture on here, neither were the buttons on my pajamas.

So I took a picture of the "button" I use every day (usually a couple times a day) to park in the garage at school...My favorite part of this button?! I'm a huge germphobe--so I don't have to touch it!!!

Thank you all for listening to, loving, and now utilizing the term soon to be most popular word ever "Dinutton."

Happy Tuesday Friends!!!

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  1. I totes love abbrevs, obvs.

    I DON'T CARE IF THEY'RE NOT PROFESSIONAL, I'M GOING TO USE THEM ANYWAY!! (this coming from the girl w/o a legal job.. sigh..)