Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pink Swap Link Up

I participated in the ever-fabulous Kappa Prep's "Pink Swap..." 

And I didn't think I could have any more fun that I did shopping for CJC's package, but I did:
When I recieved the incredible package she sent me.  Spoiled would be an understatment!!!

I opened my package to reveal:
I'm a stickler when it comes to always reading the card before I open any sort of present or package--I feel like otherwise I won't appreciate the words inside the card as much because I'm too focused on what was in the package. 

Once I opened my package, and saw all the goodies CJC had sent my way...I was glad I opened her sweet card first :)
I seriously wish I knew her in real life...or lived in South Carolina (where she's from) so I could give her a really big hug!!! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world :)

Okay...I'm done teasing you...here are some of the FUN things CJC sent my way:

Essie Nail Polish in "Mod Square", a Pink Fairy Wand--I'm brainstorming occasions to use this (none of them are Halloween--they're everyday occurrences), and a Jim Thompson silk cosmetic bag.

I also got some hot pink plastic straws (I drink everything out of a straw), and some cupcake toothpaste--which I'm excited to try--but nervous it make me me hungry for cupcakes or frosting after brushing :)

And there is more.  Can you see why I felt so spoiled by Miss CJC?!
A Lilly "Latte A Day Mug," An Eccolo "Capture the Day" Lined Journal, and another special treat: my very own Monogrammed Accessory.
Thank you so much CJC for making me feel like a very special/spoiled/lucky girl. I hope you loved your package as much as I loved mine :) oxo


  1. You were spoiled..I love the cosmetic bag, Lilly mug, and wand the most!

    I also always read the card first!!

  2. I love that cosmetic bag and Lilly mug!

  3. Oh my word how cute is the Lilly mug and cosmetic bag! I always read the card first as well. xo

  4. You got great gifts. I love them all!