Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mr. Wrong... Issue #6

If you know me past a surface level, you know I can be extremely stubborn.  Not about anything too idealistic, but more so certain ideas that got implanted in my mind somehow--and I won't budge on them.  Whether that be opinion on certain places (Parliament is one that comes to mind...), only drinking skim milk (you can actually TASTE the difference if they use something else), or even my theory that during your birthday week everything you eat has zero or negative calories.

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It frustrates me to no end when people try to change me. Which is probably one of the many reasons Wilson and I didn't work out. 

Wilson was also very opinionated--however he was very opinionated about me--and he wasn't shy sharing what was on his mind when it came to me. For example, when we would play tennis, he became a tennis pro.  He would try to tell me to change my (fantastic) forehand, into a two-handed forehand--because it could be much better that way...I would win more matches, tourneys, and not many girls could pull it off.  I would usually respond with hitting a (one-handed) forehand winner down the line to that, which he never seemed to appreciate as much as I did. 

Another thing Wilson felt strongly about was attire. I made the mistake of wearing a really cute pair of 4-inch Juicy wedges, and towering 2-inches above him--he let me know how much more lady-like flats were, how much better I looked in them.  Bottom line, high shoes just weren't me.  (This was probably the one thing that he and my mom would agree on).  Lucky for me, Wilson was also an expert on make-up--when I wasn't wearing any, and I was ready to leave, he would let me know that he would happily wait for me while I finished getting ready... and was oh-so complimentary about how much better I looked with make-up once I was ready.

Wilson also had his opinion on my hair, nails, taste in music, major in college, amount and type of food we ate, where we would go running, etc. 

But he wasn't the only one at fault (although if it came down to percentages--it would be 80% (him) 20% (me)). It takes two to tango--and once I got past the 'oh you're so're definitely looking out for my best interests' stage--I had a great time pushing his buttons....and near the end of 'us' giving him a terrible haircut, but that's a different story for a different time.

Have you ever dated someone so opinionated or stubbon that it drove you crazy? Is there any issue that you won't budge on?

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