Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day.  I told my mom this morning that it was my "most favorite holiday" to which she responded "it's not a holiday."  Lovely. And, yes, it still is my favorite holiday.

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I love today because the whole reason is to give love.  It's not expected, not contrived, but just pure, simple, beautiful love.  Love to those who may not normally receive it,  love to those who least expect it.

Remember today: You Are Loved. Remember to Give Others Love.

And if you're sad because today for you isn't Valentine's Day, but Singles Awareness Day.  Give love to someone you know won't really receive any valentine's or kindness today--trust me--it's an incredible feeling... And if that doesn't work, go to Cupcake Island or Whole Foods and buy yourself a Cupcake (I always get mine with extra frosting), or wine , or a little treat--and Love Yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day 2011.


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