Thursday, February 10, 2011

Five Favorites

February is Cold and Snowy. I'm back in the routine of Law School. And I'm really trying to keep a healthy balance this semester. Whether that be spending time with friends, going out more than once in a semester, or just remembering to breathe. Here are 5 things that I'm enjoying during the month of February.

Hula Hooping. I bought a pink, sparkle, hula hoop at walgreens about a week ago.  I suppose it could be sort of a work out (I'd be lying if I didn't say my abs were sore after using it two days in a row)...but more than that, it is FUN, mindless, and a slight regression to 4th of July 'hula hoop contests' at HHC (the term glory days come to mind).

Journaling. I'm keeping my New Year's Resolutions (this was one). I'm taking time to journal--not on a daily basis, more weekly, or as needed. It's funny looking back in my journal and realizing "Wow, I was completely off base on that situation," or "Yikes, my _________(mom, friends, outside observer) was right," or even "I'm really proud of who I'm becoming."  It's no fun to have these revelations in a boring journal--so I made sure to get a cute one, which was half the fun!  I purchased it at The Afternoon (Westroads) but they have an awesome website so you can find yours here!

Colored Eye-Liner: I'm not a huge makeup person, but the few days during the week, I try to do something more than my 'natural' look. I picked up a couple really cheap colored (Green, Silver Blue, and Royal Blue) NYX brand liners from Be Yourself--you can check them out right here. What I've been doing is a nude color on my lids then lining the inside of my top and bottom lid--and the outside of my top lid with the color--it definitely is a fun change--at least for me!  My cousin Cat who is an amazing makeup artist for MAC, let me in on a little secret--I'm right on trend with this--Colored Liner is all the Rage. Cat also gave me the great idea, to try out lots of colors with this cheap liner, then come in and visit her--where she can find some amazing colors, after I know which ones I do and don't like, that make my eyes pop--and spend a little extra for quality--you can check out her blog--about makeup too.   

Cat and myself :)

Here are some expert tips from CatRunway: Colored liner was seen in MANY shows during the last fashion week circuit, it was shown in Neon shades- Hot Pink, Lime Green, Aqua Blue and Day-Glo Orange and Bright Yellow.  Real life: These runway trends can be mimicked by keeping your eyeshadow very neutral and matte with just a pop of bright eyeliner.
Cat's guidelines to make your eyes pop:
Think of an artist's color wheel..find the color of your eyes and go directly to the opposite side of the color wheel to get the maximum brightness out of your eyes.
Green Eyes: Purple or Copper shades
Blue Eyes: Coral and Orange shades
Brown Eyes: You have pretty much hit the genetic jackpot and anything will look good since brown is a neutral, but Blue shades of eyeliner will be the best for you!

Soup-Revolution (aka the traveling Soup Van): We've all seen about the taco truck sitting outside of avanza--the hot dog stand sitting outside of the Dubliner or Barry O's at 2am, or in NYC, Chicago, DC the food carts are EVERYWHERE.  Omaha is slowly catching up in a very delicious, gourmet, and wallet friendly way. 4-5 days a week you can find Soup Revolution serving up different, healthy and amazing soup--they always have a vegan and gluten free soup--along with to die for biscuits, salads and desserts. The soup prices range from $3-7, the biscuits are $1 or $2 (and worth every cent), and I know you can buy gallons/half gallons, etc. So far I've tried the Chicken Dumpling, Baked Potato, White Bean and Barley, and Tomato Basil.  You can find where they'll be each day right here

Jaw Breakers: I love hard candy, but for some reason unbeknown to me, I always chew it. Jaw breakers eliminate this problem, they last for a year (okay maybe an hour), and they're just the right amount of sweet. I bought some of these (pictured at left) "old fashioned" kind at Walgreens--they're 2 bags for 3 dollars, or 1 bag for $1.69.

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