Friday, February 25, 2011

Five Faves--The Gym Bag Edition

The biggest thing I've forgotten for the gym before: my shoes, okay--my entire workout bag--but that may or may not have been on purpose.  A lady at my gym today forgot her workout pants--so she was on the elliptical in a black dress skirt. I've seen businessmen wearing their dress shoes on the treadmill, or while lifting...

So here are 5 things that you'll always find my my gym bag :)

1. Face Wash and Moisturizer.  No matter what I wash my face before and after I work out.  I use Cetaphil Gentle Facial Cleanser prior to my workout.  It is such a preventative measure for guys and girls to get their skin (pores) clear prior to (and post) clogging them with sweat, dirt (if working out outside), etc.  Following my workout I use more of an exfoliating cleanser--I'm currently using Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub. Using an exfoliating wash following any workout is key to really getting those pores clear.  After I wash my face I put on a moisturizer--with sunscreen.  I'm currently using Aveeno Positively Radiant.  It's unscented, really evens out the skin tone, and is so calming on the skin after the workout as well as the exfoliating scrub.

2. Socks.  This may sound silly, but I always have an extra pair of workout socks in my gym bag.   I've gone barefoot in my shoes before--and that led to blisters and one smelly pair of shoes.  I get my favorite workout socks at Backwoods--but you can check them out right here!

3. Padlock.  I can't stand throwing things in a locker without a lock.  Mainly because I worry about them the entire time I'm workout out.  Then since my purse isn't locked up--it is right next to me, no matter the machine I'm on...not an ideal workout buddy. 

4. Bottled Water. I don't like drinking water when I work out--but there are certain times when I don't drink as much water prior to my workout and I need a few sips.  I never want to get off whatever machine I'm on to get a drink--and interrupt my workout or even worse, lose my machine--so I bring my own. I normally use my Sigg Bottle. First, it's NBD if I drop it, it can hold a lot of water (I use the 1.0L), it has a super cute design, and finally it keeps the water really cold!

5. Hair Ties/Headbands.  It always baffles me when I see someone running really fast on the treadmill with their lustrous locks flying behind them (guys and girls alike)...Or even more common, someone constantly pushing their hair out of their face--and almost falling off their machine--because of that sudden movement (not that I've experienced that). I always try to have ponytail holders--I love Goody Stay Put.  They live up to their name, last a long time, and don't break my hair.  As far as headbands go, I use the Scunci Brand, which I normally pick up at Walgreens.  My sister-in-law however, is a Lulu Lemon Girl all the way.  She wore all Lulu for our first half-marathon together--and they twittered at her because of that (I'm super jealous!). Plus, she, and everyone else I know who wears anything Lulu, loves it!  I'm hoping to get a headband or two for our next half-marathon (5/1/11)!

Hopefully these things gave you a few good ideas of what to keep in your gym bag...What am I forgetting--what is a must-have in every gym bag that I didn't mention?!

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  1. Thanks for the article, Emily! I'm also a fan of putting an extra pair of socks in my gym bag and having a facial cleanser handy. No one likes having a sweaty mess on their face after a workout!

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