Tuesday, February 8, 2011


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I am not a patient person. When I was little I would eagerly check the mailbox expecting a letter in response after I had mailed a letter that morning, I prefer to get an immediate text back when I'm in a texting 'conversation,' or heaven forbid I have to wait in line, I time how long it takes til I get to the front.  Patience and waiting--not my strong suit.

Recently, one of my biggest difficulties has been patience.  Not always with others, but also with myself. Instead of doing something the way I'd like the first time, I may have to try and try again--but while doing so, find the beauty in the imperfections. Or maybe, I had these fabulous plans, but they didn't work the way I thought they should. I have to give myself grace through patience--and make a different set of fabulous plans--or maybe just make no plans at all. Or instead of trying to make a relationship or a friendship work the way I think it should, I have to be patient.  I have to realize that those people are not me.  I can't control their feelings, their actions, or even their words--and even though I want them to say something, do something or feel something at a certain time--I have to be patient.

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 What happens when I don't want to be patient or if I just can't wait for that person?  I don't know. It's scary. But, I'm learning to do just that. I'm trying to show love coupled with patience in that, sometimes when I can't be there, or shouldn't be there, for that person (and try to influence their decisions (insert evil laughter))--I have to let them go.  By doing that, I hope they will grow--and hopefully, I can gain some (much needed) patience...I'm guessing a month, a year, 5 years from now--I'll look back at this lesson, which seems painful at the time, and realize that it wasn't so bad--and was more than worth it.

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