Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day--(and Guest Bloggers too)!

A few (read lots) of people have asked me about my Valentine's Day...and I am very happy to admit it was low-key and perfect for where I am at this point in my life.  I was in school all day--I did hand out Valentine's to my classmates as well as professors--so I was able to celebrate love in a tiny way.  I worked out, ran some errands, and ended the day with a mix of cleaning my closet for Goodwill, eating some fresh shrimp and red mango for dinner, and reading Roe v. Wade and other similar cases for Constitutional Law (yes, cruel irony).

Some of my friends told me all about their Romantic, Depressing, or Down-Right Comical Valentine's Day--and asked/mentioned if I wanted to blog about them--I should--so (with their permission) here are some Valentine's Day Stories :)

This is from one of my Closest and Best Friends who is currently out of state--we enjoy our email/bbm/phone contact.  I could barely contain my giggles when I received this from her:

Story 1:  Yesterday, as a happily single grad student, I spent the night with Chinese take-out, the Bachelor, and my massive amounts of work...just the way I wanted to! I'm feeling pretty good this morning because I had a drama free V-Day (unlike the disaster last year with a certain someone) and am rocking out to Glee en route to the store.  Seeing that _____ is an exceptionally small town, I recognize all of the checkers and baggers and they recognize me. My bagger is a young man with tattoos and bad emo hair (and may or may not sport women's jeans/guy liner).  He scampers off right as my checker starts scanning my groceries, which I thought was rude.  BUT then...I see him coming back carrying  A POTTED PLANT. Asks me if I'd like it and wishes me a Happy late VDay. I am ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED at this point, am flashing back to the "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Love Fern", mumble a thank you, and bolt for the door.

This is from a law school friend who I've gotten to know more recently, and he is in Loooove.  He emailed me about his Valentine's Day--and it was so sweet--I couldn't resist sharing it:

Story 2: I met _____ 5 years ago.  We had crushes on each other but they didn't go anywhere. I saw her "around" for the rest of college but never much more than that. This past December, I remembered she was from Omaha and I friended her on facebook. From there we started texting, etc. About 1-2 weeks later we skyped--for 4 hoursWe started out as "talking as more than friends" on January 16th.  I can tell you right now that we are in love, I know it sounds crazy...but seriously. All the old adages about love (when you find your best friend, when you know you know, blah blah) they're all true. I thought I've been in love before but nothing compares to how i feel about her.
Last Weekend we met half way between us in North Platte.  When a relationship begins with long distance it is a different situation. Seeing her for the first time in years was the best ever. Everything was just "right" and that's the only way I can explain it.  We click in every way and it's such a different feeling than I'm used to It is going great and there seems to be no end in sight.
Valentines Day...Sunday before we left I gave _____ a letter telling her how I felt. Everyone should get flowers on Valentines Day and I'm a bit of an artist (not really) so i drew a few pictures of flowers and sent them in a envelope for her to open on Monday...and then had actual roses delivered to her house on Tuesday...on the card i wrote "just because its Tuesday..." I don't need an excuse to send someone flowers right? I tried to think outside of the box and I just hope it made her smile.

This is from a friend who I've know since middle school--we are currently in law school together--I got this message from her, and it was a mixture of 'oh no' with 'hahahaha.' It made me giggle because I could just hear her telling the story.

Story 3I get home from a night class (7:30) and I'm tired and making a depressing snack (frozen veggies, steamed via microwave, plain). My boyfriend approaches holding my shampoo bottles. I'm confused. He proudly announces that he has bought me two brand new bottles for valentines day because he noticed i was running out. (To be fair, they're Redken, salon quality, and are identical to my current ones, so I'll admit it took SOME thought). I'm still not quite sure what to say. I start nervously laughing and inspecting the bottles to make sure they weren't my old ones as I ask, "no really, this is a joke right? where's my real present?" His response: "this is your real present?...too practical?...I'm sorry..." I honestly am at a loss. At this rate, I guess i should just expect one of those rings you used to be able to buy at the cinema center coin-machines. ....sigh.... The take-home message is that it is annoying to see constant updates all day long of your friends getting vday goodies, and then to go home and get shampoo on what is Supposed to be the most 'romantic' day of the year. [sigh] If i had to pick a title for a blog about this story, it would be: "Nothing says 'i love you' quite like shampoo."  As of Today, for full disclosure, I came home to a dozen roses and we went out to vivaces on Feb 15... Hey, at least he's smart enough to recognize when he's been dumb :P

I loved hearing about my Friend's Days--and I hope you did too :) Get Out there and enjoy the sunshine today--and remember you can make someone feel special and loved even if it isn't February 14th.

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