Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend (or lackthereof) Recap

I had maybe one of the most unclimatic and academic weekends ever...

Friday Night I studied with my friend TG and his roomie who is in his third year of med school. Picture 3 people sitting at a table and not talking for a good 3-4 hours...except when the boys thought it was necessary to comment on my self-proclaimed incredible taste in music.

Saturday--I went to the 7am (20 minute) mass...and went straight to school (like before the library even opened) type of early to meet a group. We had a good 4 hours of productivity...which means I get to do absolutely nothing I have a lot to work on prior to our next meeting.

Then I worked at Ann Taylor and ohmygoodness, I had to text my dad to tell me "No Shopping" like 30 bajillion times, mainly because I'm in looooove with our new line.

After work I got eyelash extensions...I've wanted them for SO long, and I figure they're a great investment in my routine (as in now I won't have to wear any makeup except lipgloss), and for the most part I stick to a pretty natural look--so it just made sense :)

Saturday Night was just as uneventful...I worked out and studied. Lame.

Sunday was super exciting...
I got to Panera (which was kinda exciting) at 9am, and studied there til 4.30. RKW came and simultaneously studied with me for part of the time...which was really nice to have a friend to study with.

I read for trial practice...
Read Nebraska Statutes about Juries
As shown below, tried to transfer my handwritten Business Associations notes to my PC.

Yep, I'm still confused.

Oh and I ended my studying by rewriting a (25 minute) oral argument for the 89213 time, and I read the UN's Draft Articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts....

My Study Break on Sunday was watching Gossip Girl from last Monday (and unlike those UN articles--I have plenty to say about Gossip Girl)...ohmygoodness. A few things: (1) I am so over Serena and Dan--can't she date Nate again, or Tripp... (2) Poor Chuck. (3) I loved the first Vera Wang gown Blair had on--it was stunning!!! (4) I'm really glad 'fake' Charlie is gone--she annoyed me--but it looks like (thank you foreshadowing) she'll be coming back. (5) If Blair doesn't really love Louie, I'd let him be my boyfriend, for a Prince--I think he'd be a really good boyfriend :)

That's all friends. I was officially a lame study hermit all weekend.
Please tell me your weekend(s) were way more awesome than the one you just read about!


  1. It sounds like you got tons of work done this weekend! I love your eyelash extensions--that would be so nice to just put on lip gloss and be ready!

    P.S. Ughhh I'm so over Serena. She and Dan cannot date again--they share a biological sibling, that's too weird! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. I, too, am so over Serena and Dan! They need to just.move.on. But have you seen the preview for tonight?! Looks good!! I LOVE the eyelash extensions! How long do they last?! LOVING Ann Taylor's new line for spring! WOW! I need to stay away from the mall.

  3. Eyelash extensions?! How fun! I never even knew they made those!

  4. Wow, look at those eyelashes. The new line has some great bold colors.

    Thanks for your note today.

  5. Yay - productivity! Won't it be nice when weekends are actually weekends someday? Your eyelashes look awesome, and so does the Ann Taylor clothes! I need both! : )

  6. Snaps for all of the academic productivity! And major snaps for trying out eyelash extensions…they look amazing!

  7. wow. i've never heard of eyelash extensions. how cool is that. so low maintenance. rock on, girl.


  8. gah I had to stop myself from reading the part about gossip girl. I need to catch up on the last two episodes.

    Also I applaud your study habits. Your study WAY more than me on the weekends! Good job, girl!

    Anddd eyelash extensions? Awesome? If I didn't have awkward long eyelashes I would totally want. I would like to have mine died though - blonde eyelashes = a bummer. Why are eyelashes so tricky yet important?

    Hope you're having a happy week!

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